Katie Spotz completes run

Katie Spotz of South Portland, Maine, said she had a great 61-mile run across New Hampshire on Saturday. (COURTESY PHOTO)

CONWAY — A clean-water advocate who had announced she was going to run across New Hampshire on Saturday as practice for a longer run across Maine in New Hampshire said it was a piece of cake.

Katie Spotz, 33, of South Portland, Maine started out at around 6:30 a.m. at the Vermont-New Hampshire border near Lancaster, and 11 hours, eight minutes later, she arrived at her finish point: the state line between Conway, and Fryeburg Maine. 

Her 61-mile route took her through the White Mountain National Forest, and Conway.

"I loved it," said Spotz on Monday. "I thought it would take between 10 and 12, hours and it took 11. I thought the course was perfect." 

Spotz said she stopped only to refill her hydration pack at a few gas stations. 

At about halfway, the terrain shifted to downhill.

"It was nice to know the hardest was behind me — it was supposed to rain and it didn't," said Spotz, adding it didn't get too hot, either. "So the weather and the conditions were perfect."

At about Mile 45 or 50, an ultra runner named Becky joined Spotz for about 6 miles, she said. People could watch her progress on social media because she was wearing a GPS tracker. 

Another highlight occurred when a deer crossed the road.

After completing her run, she walked to the State Line Store, where her car was parked and went home. 

The course was like "trail running on a road" because of how how beautiful it was, and how many parks she went through, Spotz said. "I feel really blessed to have had the opportunity to do that."

She said she was interested in running across New Hampshire because it would have hills, which will help her train for a 130-mile endurance challenge across Maine later this summer for the charity fundraising initiative Run4Water.

As part of that challenge, Spotz plans to run across Maine on Sept. 5, hoping to become the first person to do so.

The challenge will raise funds for non-profit Lifewater International in their global mission to ensure every child has safe water.

For more information about the charity go to give.lifewater.org/Run4Water.

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I wondered who this person is and a quick google search revealed a much more interesting story. This is Katie Spotz, formerly of Ohio, youngest person to ROW ACROSS THE ATLANTIC! Also, the first person to swim the entire 325 mile length of the Allegheny River.

She will be running from the Canadian border northwest of Eustis, to Belfast on the coast. 130 miles straight through in about 30 hours. She has raised more than $270,000 for clean water projects around the world.

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