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Brian Parmenter enters a Carroll County Superior Court room Monday to plead guilty to conspiracy to commit theft at North Conway Hannaford last year. He was given time served and a suspended sentence. (DAYMOND STEER PHOTO)

OSSIPEE — The first in a trio of people accused of trying to rob a suspected drug dealer pleaded guilty in Carroll County Superior Court Monday morning and was released on time served.

Indicted Dec. 17 were brothers Brian Parmenter, 30, and Cody Parmenter, 29, both of Fryeburg, Maine, and Cody’s girlfriend, Olivia Pope, 28, of Conway in connection with an alleged armed robbery that reportedly took place Sept. 21 outside the Hannaford grocery store in North Conway.

Brian Parmenter was indicted on a count of “conspiracy to commit robbery” charged as a Class A felony and punishable by up to 15 years in prison.

On Monday, he was before Carroll County Superior Court Judge Amy Ignatius for a plea and sentencing hearing.

Public defenders Robin Davis and Erin Ferry and Assistant Carroll County Attorney Jeffrey Tynes told Ignatius they had worked out a plea deal that involved dropping the robbery charge and replacing it with a Class B felony charge of conspiracy to commit theft.

The robbery indictment said Brian and Cody Parmenter and Pope “agreed” to commit robbery and “Cody Parmenter purposely put another person in fear of immediate use of physical force and at the time Cody Parmenter was actually armed with a deadly weapon, specifically a firearm.”

The new complaint narrative says Brian Parmenter agreed with his brother and Pope to commit theft and “Cody Parmenter obtained unauthorized control of (victim’s name redacted by the Sun) property, Brian Parmenter having been convicted of two previous theft charges.”

After taking Brian Parmenter’s plea, Ignatius imposed the negotiated sentence which was a year in jail with all but 242 days suspended for three years — meaning Parmenter is to be released. Apparently he had been serving his time in Strafford County.

Ignatius said witness availability was a complicating issue for the state. “I do think that it’s a complicated case, and some difficulties in being able to move forward with it,” she said. “For all that, I think it’s a reasonable resolution.”

Tynes said the prosecution has had difficulty reaching the suspected drug dealer/victim and another witness who was with him at the time of the incident. He said the County Attorney’s Office recently learned that the victim is incarcerated in Massachusetts.

Cody Parmenter is to have a final pretrial conference July 7. It is the last day he can agree to a plea deal. His jury trial is scheduled for the weeks of Aug. 1 and 8.He was indicted on Class A felony robbery and Class B felony criminal threatening.

Pope is scheduled to have a plea and sentencing Aug. 1. This hearing may become a status conference if a plea deal isn’t negotiated. Pope was indicted on a charge of conspiracy to commit robbery.

According to a probable cause statement filed by Conway Police Sgt. Dominic Torch, the victim was apparently an acquaintance of Pope’s and had been lured to the grocery store parking lot under the pretense of a drug deal.

The victim said after he got there, the window of the car he was in was smashed, and he was pistol-whipped.

Cody Parmenter showed stab wounds to police and said he was stabbed by the supposed drug dealer, who said he acted in self-defense by brandishing a knife but never stabbed anyone.

The suspected drug dealer also told police that the Parmenters didn’t actually take anything from him but they were clearly trying to rob him.

Cody Parmenter said he’s the one who was robbed. He saiid he gave the man $100 for some heroin but didn’t get any so he reached into the car to retrieve his money and was cut on the ribcage in the process.

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