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From left: Fryeburg Police Chief Joshua Potvin, Fryeburg gun dealer Toby Veno, Brownfield gun dealer Vincent Pestilli and Fryeburg Police Sgt. Heidi Johnston hold three semi-automatic carbine rifles and one shotgun that were donated to the police department. (COURTESY PHOTO)

FRYEBURG, Maine — The Fryeburg Police Department recently received a donation of four rifles and a shotgun and accompanying accessories from Veno Associates Firearms & Gun Accessories of Fryeburg; Vincent Pestilli & Associates of Brownfield, Maine; and Windham Weaponry of Windham, Maine.

Fryeburg Police Chief Joshua Potvin said he was “extremely grateful” for the donations, as the department was in need of additional rifles.

“I wanted to outfit all of our cruisers to provide my officers with the tools they need to respond appropriately to serious incidents,” he said.

The donation consisted of one semiautomatic shotgun and four semiautomatic carbine rifles with holographic sights, ammunition and magazines.

Potvin said the guns will be used to support its school/safety program, which prepares officers for armed intruder calls. The weapons will be stored in the front-line cruisers.

Veno Associate owner Toby Veno told Potvin: “I look at it this way — we all sleep safely in our beds at night knowing you guys are out there patrolling with the tools you need.

“I am happy that I have the resources and opportunity to help in my community. It is a thankless job you guys have sometimes,” Veno said. “The media is quick to report on negative law enforcement actions and not so quick to report on positive actions of law enforcement. Not an easy job you and your department have. You can look at our donations to the town as a reward for a job well-done.”

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