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A minivan is seen after crashing into the side of the Conway Village post office on Friday at around noon. (COURTESY PHOTO)

CONWAY — A driver smashed into the north wall of the Conway Village post office in a car Friday around noon.

No one was hurt in the accident. People at the scene described the driver of the BMW sport utility vehicle as an elderly woman, but her identity was not available at press time.

The post office was only closed briefly.

Building inspector David Pandora said a support had to be installed and the plan was to plywood over the gaping hole in the wall that afternoon to secure the building.

"The car was all the way in," he said.

Pandora said the some post office boxes were damaged and some people would have to get their mail hand-delivered.

Inside the post office, some boxes could be seen to be pushed in.

The building, located at 175 Main St. in Conway Village, is owned by Ohlson Properties Inc.

Marc Ohlson of Ohlson Properties, who was interviewed at the scene shortly after the accident said the airbags didn't even deploy in the BMW.

"This is only the third time" that the building has been struck by a car, he said.

Asked if he would consider putting in some sort of guard, Ohlson said anything that's put up would make it hard to remove snow.

A Conway Village fire engine, rescue vehicle and an ambulance were dispatched to the scene.

Conway Village Fire Chief Steve Solomon was among those who responded.

He said when the fire department was first notified of the crash just before noon, they were told that there were multiple injuries, but it turned out no one was injured.

"The driver of the vehicle was checked by the EMS crew but didn't need to go to the hospital," Solomon said.

The temporary support was installed before the car was moved with a wrecker. People were able to get their mail while the hole in the side of the building was being addressed.

"It's a post office; we try to keep it closed for as little amount of time as possible," said Solomon, adding the building was closed for less than an hour.

Ohlson noted it's been difficult to find a contractor who was available to do the repairs.

One man who was near the Acorn Wash & Dry, which is in front of the post office, said he heard a "loud boom." He saw the car go through the building and a rush of people going over to check on the driver and any occupants. He also watched as the fire department quickly responded.

"I guess it was one of those 'you step on the brake and it was really the gas' things," the man said.

A couple who was at Acorn said they heard from a witness that there were two women in the car. The car went in reverse and then went forward through the building.

Information from the police was unavailable at press time.

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