CONWAY — Abortion, guns, Free Staters and inflation were the hot topics du jour at Tuesday's debate among N.H. House candidates seeking to represent Conway.

The debate organized by the Conway Daily Sun and aired later on Valley Vision.

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Because of this article, I went on the Planned Parenthood website and read their memo on using fetal tissue. Their defense appears to be that they did "nothing illegal." I'm not sure doing something unethical is the same thing. Then they said that some centers evidently took money "for expenses." Anyone who knows how budgets work realize that taking money "for expenses" frees up money for other things. For a non-profit organization, all of the money they get is "for expenses," not "profit." It seems that there is or was something going on with Planned Parenthood and fetal tissue money that they are trying to obfuscate and the reporter apparently is all too happy to assist them in this goal.

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