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Whitney Roberts, 25, formerly of Chocorua, was a softball standout at Kennett High School and Plymouth State. (FILE PHOTO)

CONWAY — A Chocorua woman who was working in Pennsylvania as a substitute teacher and charged there in March with having sexual contact with a student now faces additional charges in a higher court.

She has maintained her innocence in a verbal statement to the Sun.

Pennsylvania State Police charged Whitney Roberts, 25, with two counts of institutional sexual assault and a misdemeanor of corruption of a minor regarding incidents that allegedly took place last November.

On June 22, the case moved from a magisterial district court in Bradford County, Pennsylvania to the Bradford County Court of Common Pleas.

Bradford County sits on the border with New York state and is about 70 miles northwest of Scranton.

Roberts taught at Towanda Area School District. Towanda is the county seat of Bradford County.

She now faces nine felony counts of intercourse/sexual contact with a student, one felony count of corruption of minors and one misdemeanor count of corruption of minors.

Her next court date is July 23.

In March, Daily Review of Towanda reported that Roberts allegedly had sex with a teenage boy in Franklin Township, Pa. The paper reported she allegedly made out with a 17-year-old boy at a party the Friday before Thanksgiving. They exchanged information, and she took him home.

An affidavit from the Pennsylvania State Police related that "the next day she picked him up and they went to her house and they had sex."

Roberts is a former Kennett High School softball standout and for the past few years has organized a girls' softball tournament called the Mount Washington Valley Classic, which is among the largest such tournaments in New England.

Her next court date is July 23 in the Bradford County Court of Common Pleas.

According to the Daily Review, Roberts is free on $10,000 unsecured bail.

An updated affidavit by Trooper Miranda Musick of Pennsylvania State Police Troop P, dated June 22, said she spoke to the boy after his mother called and told Musick he had more information.

"(The boy) explained that he had sex with the defendant a few more times than he initially told me," said Musick.

The boy told the trooper that before Roberts went home to New Hampshire for Thanksgiving, she picked him up at a store in Elmira, N.Y., about 35 miles north of Towanda, PA. Then she stopped at a convenience store and got gas and "a 13-pack of tall white cans that was not beer," the boy said. "He explained that it was a fruity alcohol," the affidavit said.

The boy said he drove Roberts' car back to her house while she sat in the passenger seat and was pulled over by state troopers, who let him off with a verbal warning.

Once they got to her house, they allegedly had sex twice and she performed oral sex on him once. He spent the night at her house, he told Musick.

He also alleged that they had another romp after Thanksgiving but he "couldn't remember the day." He said she picked him up at a friend's house. They had sex in her home three times and she performed oral sex on him.

"He stayed the night that night and she dropped him off at (redacted) residence before school," said the affidavit. "He related that he could tell me the layout of her house and what she wears to sleep in. He explained she wears black and orange Powder Puff jersey with shorts."

Musick said that a trooper did in fact pull over the boy early in the morning of Nov. 24, 2017, and he was driving Roberts' car. Roberts said she had been drinking and that was why the boy was driving.

"The female told Tpr. (Anthony) Avvisato that her family owned a cabin off of SR 414 and that is where they were heading," said the affidavit. "At the time this occurred, the defendant lived at a cabin off of SR 414."

In March, Roberts gave the Sun a statement saying she disputed the charges.

Reached Tuesday, Roberts said she stood by the statement, which said: "The offenses charged against me in Pennsylvania that have recently been reported by the media are mere accusations for which I retain the presumption of innocence. I look forward to defending myself in court for I have full faith in our system of justice."

According to the criminal affidavit, Roberts is represented by attorney Chad M. Salsman, Esq. of Towanda, Pa.

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