The supervisors of the checklist will be holding a session on Tuesday, Jan. 19, at the Albany Town Hall from 7 to 7:30 p.m. for voter registration and changes to party affiliation.

Applicants for voter registration must bring proof of identity, age, citizenship and domicile. Qualified applicants who do not possess proof, or do not bring proof with them, may register if they sign an affidavit attesting to their qualifications for identity, age and citizenship.

For those who cannot attend this session, forms are available online at sos/nh/gov/. Submit the application to your town clerk at your earliest convenience.

On Dec. 30, the selectmen met for their last 2020 meeting. Attending in person were Chair Rick Hiland, Selectman Sean Zeidler and Town Administrator Kelley Collins. On the phone were Selectman Joe Ferris, Chapel Chair Dorothy Solomon, and Treasurer Chuck Merrow.

One of the first items taken up was the resignation of Cathy Ryan as deputy health officer. Her resignation was accepted with regret and the selectmen will send her a letter thanking her for her work.

Hiland reported that the town has authorized the 2020 balance payment of $1,800 be made to the Conway Library. Agreements for the year 2021 are being worked on.

For the upcoming year and beyond, the town will need an auditor. With the help of the town administrator the selectmen will interview at least two new possible companies.

The selectmen’s next meeting will be Jan. 6 at 4 p.m.

On Jan. 6 the selectmen met for their regular meeting (now at 4pm). In person at the meeting were Hiland, Selectmen Glen Zeiders and Ferris, Merrow, Collins, and Road Agent Curtis Coleman. On the phone was Solomon.

The selectmen worked with Coleman to set up the program for road repair come spring. Together the selectmen and Coleman ranked the roads to be repaired according to their need.

The first road to be repaired will be Moat View Drive. The second road will be Drake Hill Road. Next will be Bald Hill Road, then Town Hall Road and High Street. Only Passaconaway has been left out. Cost to repair it should be covered with the FLAP grant.

A decision on the amount of the bond for road work and the length of time for repayment will be made at the next meeting. There is also work that needs to be done on town hall’s roof that includes closing any openings to keep pests from entering the building.

Regarding the chapel, the town is still waiting for guidance from town counsel. Questions as to: Is there anyone from the Chocorua Sunday School Association still around? Are there any restrictions that must be adhered to? The building will not be rented out for long term use, but may hold events, meetings or such.

Volunteers are needed to help the Chapel Committee. This spring before, during and after Town Meeting some items that were left at the Chapel will go on sale. Volunteers are needed to organize these items and help with the sales. Please contact Dorothy Solomon (603-447-1199) or Kelley Collins at 447-6038 if you are able to assist.

Wow! Congratulations to Jordan James West for being named a Presidential Scholar. West is a sophomore at Clarkson University majoring in mechanical engineering.

Are you able to donate blood? If you wish to help, the next American Red Cross Blood Drive is Jan. 22 at the North Conway Community Center 10 a.m. to 3 p.m.

You can also be of help by volunteering as a driver for RSVP. If interested please contact Angelica Kitsis at (603) 356-9331 or email to

The filing period for candidates for the following positions in the March 9 town election will be Wednesday, Jan. 20, through Friday, Jan. 29.

Town officer openings are selectman (three-year term); town clerk/tax collector (three-year term); treasurer (three-year term); road agent (three-year term); cemetery trustee (three-year term); trustee of trust fund (three-year term); and supervisor of checklist (six-year term).

School district openings are school board member (three-year term); school board clerk (one-year term); school board treasurer (one-year term); and school board moderator (one-year term).

Filings may be made with the town clerk on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday mornings 9:30 a.m. to noon by appointment only.

With all that is happening these days, take time to rest, relax and enjoy your days and nights.

Have a safe and healthy 2021.

Send your news to Mary Leavitt at (603) 367-9133 or Dorothy Solomon at (603) 447-1199.

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