Jen Morin NY Marathon virual

Jen Morin (left) and Amy Wilson on the East Side River Road, just north of Berlin, head out on one of two legs of the virtual New York Marathon last week. (MELINDA MORIN PHOTO)

Hello to all of you sport's fans out there. Now that fall high school sports seasons are complete, today things are a bit quiet.

Congratulations are in store for local sportsman, friend, in-law and former teammate Armand "Sonny" Caron, who for the first time in 50 years will not be bowling in a local bowling league as he has officially "retired.”

Sonny started bowling in the Berlin League in 1970 as a member of the New England Telephone Company team and has bowling on various teams in that league since then and until now. He also bowled in numerous state and local tournaments over those years, and one year bowled on a team in the BBC League with his family, including one of his sons, myself, my brother and my three sons — we were called "All in the Family.”

A solid and steady career did he have. Even though it is time to move on, Sonny did say, "I will certainly miss the camaraderie and the friendships I made with so many during those 50 years." Now he can rest up that right arm.

Milan girl (she is still a girl in my book from her days of being on my track team) Jennifer Morin recently virtually completed the New York City Marathon last week which involved running the Milan/Berlin loop two times on a beautifully clear but cool, 16-degree day.

Jen said, "I wanted to run a marathon and since most were cancelled the NYCM virtual race offered me an opportunity to run and get an official time. Amy Wilson agreed to be my pacer since she had done several marathons before and she was great in giving me advice and training tips for future references."

Jen's time was 6 hours and 44 minutes, with her run/moving time at 6:15. I am sure it was a bit different running the lonely roads of route 16 and the East Side River Road with one other person in comparison to running with 55,000 to 60,000 other runners running the streets of New York City!

Part of Jen's training, including this race, is to prepare for possible future ironman competitions. She, her sister Melinda and in law Ann are all into that and at one point in time challenged me to do one. I told them there would be no bike race and no marathon for me because I would drown in the first leg of the race, the swim!

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