Berlin High School Coaches’ Association Awards

Mountaineer Award — Brian Bourassa and Maria Young

The award was instituted by the Coaches’ Association to be given out on rare occasions. The association would like to recognize a deserving student who exemplifies the character and DEDICATION to Berlin High School Athletics.

Michael Gaydo Commitment Awards — Dylan Bisson and Olivia Boucher

Mike Gaydo committed himself to Berlin High School students/athletes for 36 years. Whether he was playing, teaching, sport writing, coaching, officiating, umpiring, timing or chaperoning, he was very involved in the high school community. When he retired in 2003 this award was established by the Coaches’ Association to honor outstanding student athletes. The recipients of this award have demonstrated a commitment to sportsmanship, LOVE OF SPORTS and have shown compassion to others.

Mark Tilton “Attitude” Awards — Jalen Lacasse and Libby Picard

In 1983, the Berlin High School Coaches’ Association established the UNSUNG HERO Award for the athletes who, through their dedication, hard work and leadership, have demonstrated what we, the coaches, feel is the essence of our athletic programs- PRIDE. The recipients of this award led by their actions both on and off of the athletic field and are held in the highest regard by their peers and coaches. This award was renamed in 1988 to the Mark Tilton Award.

Richard Wagner Awards — Matthew Landry and Natalie Williams

Richard Wagner was a teacher, coach, and a friend to Berlin High School Athletics for many years. When he retired in 1973 this award was established by the Coaches’ Association to honor OUTSTANDING STUDENT ATHLETE. The recipients of this award have to be varsity letter winners, are planning to continue their education.

Berlin Coaches’ Association Best Athlete Awards — Trevor Breault Kaylee Peare

The BEST ATHLETE Awards are presented to a senior boy and girls who, in the opinion of the Berlin Coaches’ Association best exemplifies attributes of sportsmanship, dedication and love of sports. To receive this award an athlete must compete in a minimum of two sports, but does not have to be college bound.

Berlin High School Coaches’ Awards

Steve Enman Cross-Country Coach’s Award — Matthew Landry and Grace Clorite

Berlin High School Boys Ice Hockey Coach’s Award — Trevor Breault

Berlin High School Girls Ice Hockey Coach’s Award — Trinity Gendron

Berlin High School Spirit Coach’s Award — Cora Hunter

Berlin High School Track & Field Coach’s Award — Joseph Young and Natalie Guitard

M. Herbert Costello Softball Award — Kaylee Peare

Daniel Brigham Baseball Coach’s Award — Jalen Lacasse

Berlin High School Girls Tennis Coach’s Award — Natalie Williams

Berlin High School Boys Tennis Coach’s Award — Cameron Laflamme

David “Max” Agrodnia Basketball Coach’s Award — Jalen Lacasse

Patricia Morgan Hood Field Hockey Coach’s Award — Kaelyn Blais

Christopher Hartman Soccer Coach’s Award — Trevor Breault

Berlin High School Girls Soccer Coach’s Award — Kaylee Peare

Michael Francis Walsh Basketball Coach’s Award — Kaylee Peare

Berlin High School Unified Basketball Coach’s Award — Chris Trask and Dylan Bisson


Buster Mayo Hockey Scholarship — Trevor Breault and Trinity Gendron Derek

Hodgeman Hockey Scholarship — Trevor Breault and Trinity Gendron Nancy Hood

Berlin Youth Hockey Award — Trinity Gendron

No Regrets Scholarship- XC orTrack & Field — Joseph Young

Shawn Cooney Memorial Scholarship for Boys or Girls Hockey/XC or Track & Field — Brian Bourassa and Grace Clorite

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