To the editor:

I’ve watched with alarm over the past several years as many states and now, the U.S. Supreme Court, aggressively stripped away reproductive rights, specifically one’s right to have an abortion. In the United States, people who need abortions are routinely treated as though their rights are secondary.

In contrast, I’m proud of U.S. Sen. Maggie Hassan and her commitment to stand up for people’s reproductive freedoms, especially since last month’s leaked Supreme Court decision to overturn Roe v. Wade. 

Sen. Hassan has been an active participant in this ongoing fight to protect and preserve reproductive rights — from her engagement at rallies to speaking with health centers to speaking out for reproductive freedoms with the local and national media.

It would be an outrage if one of Sen. Hassan’s Republican opponents were elected this November. Unlike Sen. Hassan, Don Bolduc, Kevin Smith and Chuck Morse have all spent the last few weeks railing against the wishes of Granite Staters and trying their hardest to strip women of their rights.

Collectively, their records on abortion rights are abysmal and it is imperative that we turn out this November to support Sen. Hassan for U.S. Senate.

Stephanie Weiner


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First, the Supreme Court did not strip any rights, it merely passed the decision of abortion to state level. In addition, one could easily argue that the right to life is much stronger right than the right to mutilate and kill an unborn baby.

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