To the editor:

Everything they have accused Donald Trump of doing the Democrats have done or are actively doing.

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Mr.Fortier, ironic that your letter should be published today….especially since Trump lost, big time, twice yesterday! NY State us going to take everything he “owns” because he cheated on his taxes (isn’t that how the US took down Capone?). And the FL circuit court found last night that the DOJ can have access to all those Secret Documents that Trump stole! It will be interesting to see what they find. I’m wondering how much information they will find has been given (sold?) to Russia/North Korea/Saudi Arabia. If I were him I’d worry more about the later rather than the former. Doesn’t matter what happens to your businesses if you are behind bars….maybe for life? Used to be espionage was punishable by firing squad. I say, bring it back. Then we can hold a gigantic party….


Scott you are right on the money. On top of it all now they are displaying their hypocrisy pushing the immigrants out of Martha's Vineyard within 48 hours and crying outrage.


All your statements are demonstrably false, Scott. Trump wilfully stole presidential documents, including top secret ones, and secreted them off to his unsecure country club, even mixing them in with other stuff. He lied about it, didn't return any for a year and a half, and lied about keeping some after claiming to return all of them even then. Nobody has ever done that. Ever. The Meuller Report found ten separate counts of Obstruction of Justice Crimes that Trump committed. It concluded his campaign did indeed collude with Russia in his election, but simply did not find evidence of whether he, himself, INTENTIONALLY did, because, of course, Trump refused to answer interrogatories or to take a deposition (constituting two of the ten Obstruction Crimes), so there was no way to prove what was in Trump's mind when he colluded with the Russians. Mueller postulated that he could simply have been an unwitting collaborator (Yes, Trump is that stupid). Mueller stated all that in the Report. You did not read the Muellar Report. I read it. Its all there in black and white. I would be glad to lend it to you. Trump's self-serving propaganda is whatq you have parroted in your letter. Manafort even admitted to sharing polling data from the Trump campaign with the Russians so they could help Trump win. Manafort was sent by, and paid for by, the Russians to help Trump. Look it up. It's no secret. He was working for the Russian-backed former Ukranian president that the Ukies banished, then he came to join Trump in timefor the convention, twisting arms and threateing delegates if they did not vote for Trump. lookit uup. Thyere were many complaints form delgates.

Moreover, seventeen intelligence agnecies all concluded from their investigation that the Russians interfered in the 2016 election on behalf of Trump. Look it up! It was not a "Russia hoax" except in Trump's lying speeches, which apparently is all you listened to. Everybody who read the news knows. All of that is a matter of record. You don't have to take my word for it. You can find it easily. ALL the major newspapers and news magazines and news programs carried those stories accurately. But not Fox. Turn off Fox, Scott. It's unhealthy.

Moreover, the pullout from Afghanistan was orcherstrated by Trump in an agreement with the Taliban months before Biden took office. Trump left less than 2500 troops in the country by the time Biden took over. Biden had to netgotiate a later pullout because Trump had agreed that we would be gone by MAY! I am surprised you didn't not know that. Everybody who reads news does.

Trump is the greatest criminal in U.S. history. He is now plotting a fascist takeover. Real patriots who love their country, their Consittution, and who respect the rule of law, want him in jail for the harm he has done. No Democrat, and even no other Republican, has committed the crimes Trump has.

I am sorry this newspaper published your letter. You were right that they shouldn't have. Its all false staements, easily disproven. Ignorant people who have no abilty to read news or think ciritcally and who only watch FOX might believe your drivel. Too bad for all of us. If the fascists succeed, I can assure you, you won't like it.


Amen, Ted.

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