To the editor:

During my time in the Military and Law Enforcement. In both roles, logistics were incredibly important to our operations, especially in the military. Having robust logistics ensures personnel are equipped for their duties and it allows them to focus on the tasks in front of them. And in our war against COVID-19, logistics are again playing a pivotal role.

Health-care distributors have led logistics for our nation’s fight against the COVID-19 pandemic. From the first reported cases, these companies worked out of the spotlight to make sure our very overwhelmed healthcare system worked. Despite incredible challenges, like massive shortages and nearly impossible demands, distributors sourced available product and got it to the most impacted areas, allowing health professionals to do their jobs and save lives.

And now, they are coordinating with manufacturers, the federal and New Hampshire governments, and administration sites to safely, securely, and effectively deliver all available vaccine doses. Although this expertise and work isn’t widely known, it is critically important. Because of distributors’ knowledge, logistics, and coordination, our healthcare system did not break.

Chris Conley


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