To the editor:

I was just reading how the largest river in Italy is drying up in that they hadn’t had rain in months. And also, the Colorado River is at the lowest level on record and if it gets any lower they might have to shut off the hydroelectric plants in both locations.

With the burning of fossil fuels global warming is real, people. Gee, if hydroelectric power (which is pure green energy) was available one would think people would jump on the chance. But no, not New Hampshire. Northern Pass would have made this power available to our grid, but, noooooooooo. Someday we might smarten up. Hopefully, before it’s too late.

Bill Dwyer


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You forget one thing….New Hampshire was not going to see one kilowatt of that power! It was all going to NY! If it was such a great idea, why did NY (State) forbid it from being built on their land? And I wonder if you would feel the same way if those ugly 309 foot towers were being built on this side of the state! The people who were going to be directly effected spoke! They said NO loudly! I believe only one town that would have had it pass through was an affirmative vote! Most of those fir it were not going to be effected! But, I might add, they were the same communities that threw a hissy fit when a gas pipeline was proposed through their communities. They were upset because none of the gas would be available to them! I think some of the Northern Pass communities might have been more receptive if they had received free or reduced rate electricity…or if Eversource had agreed to bury the line the entire way! But they wouldn’t because it would reduce their PROFITS! Tell me, would you be okay with 300 foot towers being built through Berlin Gorham? How about along the River in the 13 Mile Woods? Perhaps the proposed line was in the wrong place? Maybe it should have been along the Route 16 corridor? I’m sure Conway would have been good with that! In short, if it doesn’t affect you, say nothing!

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