CONCORD - Governor Chris Sununu signed a bill that will allow prescription drugs to be imported from Canada. The bill was originally introduced by Sen. Majority Leader Feltes, D-Concord.

“Long before the coronavirus pandemic, New Hampshire faced the highest health care costs in the nation —the highest premiums, copays, deductibles, and skyrocketing prescription drugs,” said Feltes. “As families across the state have been economically crushed, the need to curb skyrocketing prescription drug costs and the rationing of life-sustaining prescription drugs has only increased. For many, the situation is quite literally life or death. No one should be forced to choose between their health and their financial security.”

Drafted and led by Senate Democrats, HB 1280 makes significant improvements, including an importation program of safe, low-cost prescription drugs from Canada, transparency and consumer protection, and the most progressive price cap on insulin in the nation.

In addition, the bill establishes a wholesale prescription drug importation program and a prescription drug affordability board.

"This bipartisan legislation lowers prescription drug costs for Granite Staters," said Sununu. "Additionally, this legislation will inject transparency in drug pricing, allow New Hampshire to import low-cost prescription drugs from Canada, and puts a price cap on insulin to ensure no one will have to worry about being able to afford lifesaving insulin. This bill now makes the cost of insulin in New Hampshire the lowest in the nation."

New Hampshire follows the New England states of Maine and Vermont that have already approved drug importation programs with Canada.

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