To the editor:

Many of us will be well enough, if we come down with coronavirus / COVID-19, to get better at home. However, if you have or are recovering from COVID-19, the use of CPAP or BiPAP may increase the risk of transmission to others near you, like housemates or bed partners, when you use your machine. The risk of transmission occurs during use, as well as shortly after, as the virus may hang in the air for up to a few hours after you turn off your machine.

Use your machine in an isolated room. Others should stay out of the room for three hours after you stop using your CPAP or BiPAP.

If you can't move to an isolated place to sleep, or if the size or layout of your home makes it difficult for housemates to stay away while you use your machine, it may make sense to temporarily stop using your CPAP or BiPAP. Before stopping this therapy, please contact a team member at the Center for Sleep Medicine at AVH or your primary healthcare provider.

Please also remember that if you have had a known contact with coronavirus, and are in self- quarantine, you should consider yourself contagious until the 14-day quarantine period is over.

More information from the American Academy of Sleep Medicine can be found here:

Any questions? Please contact us at the Sleep Center at 603-752-2300. We can also help if you are trying to determine whether or not to continue therapy. We continue to be available by phone and to conduct office visits via both telephone and video conference.

Dr. Joe DellaValla, Medical Director

Center for Sleep Medicine at AVH

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