To the editor:

People who refuse to wear masks or not get a COVID vaccine on the grounds that any mandate to do so tramples on their freedom, are certainly free to follow their belief.

So are they willing to extend that belief to others? If so, then hospitals are free to deny treatment or an ICU bed to someone who contracts COVID that did not get a vaccine and refuses to wear a mask, keeping those services open for people who are looking out for the general welfare (see the first paragraph of the Constitution).

Insurance companies and Medicare are free to deny paying their medical bills in order to keep premiums down. Life insurance is free not to pay a beneficiary if they die, since it was self inflicted. And your favorite shop has the freedom to post "No shirt, no shoes, no mask, no service."

Everyone believes in freedom until the other person, who has the freedom to swing their fist, hits you in the face.

Eric Rollnick


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Using your rationale Eric, hospitals should turn away people who abuse alcohol and drugs. just let them die. They should turn away the morbidly obese. They made the decision to eat too much. The diabetics? Too much sugary foods. Those who are anorexic...they chose to not eat correctly. Suicidal? Personal choice. Turn them away also. See where your rationale takes us? For you to ask others to wear a mask to protect you is....arrogant. People may do it because they wish but they are not obliged to protect you. If you are vaccinated, they really are not a threat to you.


I'm sure you feel the same way about paying for abortions too.

Or the myriad of other things that we as taxpayers support but don't agree with.

Sorry but if you think you need to wear an (ineffectual) mask, go ahead. But don't force your unsubstantiated claims on everyone else.

Show us the scientific studies that prove wearing masks make any difference in the spread of Covid. Still waiting for those results.

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