To the editor:

Over the years, the state of Maine has had several state mottos appear on their license plates. Vacationland, The Pine Tree State and Maine The Way Life Should Be, to name a few.

After reading an article about Maine farms and farmers and the crops they raise I was surprised to learn that the number one cash crop in Maine is no longer the potato. It has been replaced by marijuana. The article also stated that Maine has more craft brewers per capita than any other state in the country! Armed with this knowledge, isn’t it time for a new state motto? How about Maine, The Spuds Buds and Suds State! That should attract some visitors don’t you think?

Some other farmers and products are also important to Maine and shouldn’t be forgotten. How about the farmers whose berries are so big and blue, and those whose taps are dripping with sweetness!

When the pandemic is over and people and restaurants get back to some semblance of normal, I can see folks heading out for a made in Maine Maniac Breakfast. Start with a pot of coffee, add cream and cannabis, and then order the Wake and Bake Cannabis-Infused Potato Pancakes, loaded with Maine Blueberries and smothered with Cannabis-Infused Maple Syrup.

How edible does that sound? Of course this would be gluten free so you might want to wash it down with a Blood Orange Haze THC Infused Beer by High Style Brewing Company.

Ahh! To the farmers and the people of Maine, what an altered state you live in. Keep your heads high!

From the Live Free and Get High, whoops I meant Live Free or Die state.

Barry Ennis

Tuftonboro and Locke’s Mills, Maine

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