Rob Barsamian

Barsamian, president of OVP Management, told the Sun that there are several small pieces of land near Settlers Green that have potential for future development. (JAMIE GEMMITI PHOTO)


CONWAY — Construction of a Market Basket isn't the only building project developer Robert Barsamian has in mind for North Conway.

Barsamian, president of OVP Management, told the Sun that there are several small pieces of land near Settlers Green that have potential for future development, and he has been considering ideas that include housing, sports facilities and a bowling alley.

About 4 acres of land by Home Depot could be developed, he said.

"So there's a little extra land and we have enough parking to expand Settlers Green if we wanted to," said Barsamian. "So we're looking at that. You know, workforce housing has been a big buzzword in North Conway. So we're looking at any opportunities, we have a little extra land for that.

"We have a piece of property next to the Dairy Queen, which we're going to be in front of the planning board this summer on for a new development there."

Barsamian initially presented plans for that project to the ZBA in October, asking for an exception for increased density in order to build facility that would include a restaurant and workforce housing.

What's more Barsamian said there's also a couple people interested in a piece of land behind T.J. Maxx, where Market Basket was slated to be placed years ago.

The Sun asked Barsamian about building a sport/fitness complex.

Barsamian said they had been looking at constructing a family bowling alley.

He also said there are some service-related businesses that want to come to Settlers.

"We have to reassess everything at this point," said Barsamian (Tuesday) because bowling areas are places of gathering, which are problematic because of the pandemic.

As for a sports complex for tennis or soccer, Barsamian said he's been approached by people "in the soccer world" in New Hampshire and Maine. 

"There have been some early discussions about that," he said.

He said a soccer would be great, except such facilities are more viable in heavily populated areas.

"I think people want to, you know, have tennis and soccer and outside activities and family gatherings and that kind of thing," said Barsamian. "Now we have to, we'll have to pause a little bit on that, right?"

The social effects of the pandemic will probably last awhile, and Barsamian says he's actively looking at what he will have to do to make shoppers comfortable and safe.

"We have to take things a little slower, probably with the pandemic, but at the same time, you know, this is what we do," said Barsamian. "We have to try to figure out what the valley needs, what the what the community wants, what makes sense that we can be successful at doing."

Barsamian is president of OVP Management based in Newtown, Mass. OVP Management, Inc. is the management company that develops and manages all of the Settlers properties. Barsamian is the principal in ownership of all of the properties and OVP Management, Inc.

At present, the the Market Basket project, proposed to be built between Barnes Road and Common Court is tied up in the courts.

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