Goop at Republican HQ

Vandals covered Carroll County's Republican headquarters at Conway Market Place with a sticky goop substance Tuesday night. (TERRY MCARTHY PHOTO)

CONWAY — Carroll County Republican Chairman Frank McCarthy says vandals covered windows to the local GOP headquarters in Conway Marketplace, at 50 White Mountain Highway in Conway Village, with a goopy substance that proved difficult to remove. 

McCarthy said his wife, Terry McCarthy, a Carroll County commissioner, noticed it Wednesday morning while on her way to a commissioners’ meeting.

He said the substance makes the window look “dirty and smudgy.” 

“Inside looking out, you can see big streaks up and down the window and door,” said Frank McCarthy. “It’s sort of a grayish, but when you go to dry the window off after you try to clean it, the towels that you use turn black. ... Whatever it is, it’s very difficult to get off.” 

The Republicans reported the incident to police.

McCarthy said the streaks look like they were applied with a brush. He said the Republicans would be interested in pressing charges against whoever did this but he wasn’t hopeful a suspect will be caught.

McCarthy said that Carl Thibodeau, owner of the plaza, and his employees at JD Tool & Hardware were trying to remove the substance with denatured alcohol.

“It’s not working,” he said. “All it does is smear it. I’m not sure what it is, but it came off mean,” said Thibodeau. “We are reviewing the camera footage and hope to see a suspect.”

Eventually, however, they were able to clean the windows.

Conway Police Chief Chris Mattei said anyone with information about the case is invited to call the department at (603) 356-5715.

Both Republicans and Democrats have been concerned about acts of vandalism during this campaign cycle.

The organizer of Monday’s Trump foliage ride through the valley, Suzanne Nelson of North Conway, said many of their Trump yard signs have been stolen, which is why they decorated their cars with Trump signs and did the ride.

“They can’t steal our signs while we are rolling,” said Nelson.

The county Democrats don’t have a headquarters like the Republicans. But Carroll County Democrats Chairman Knute Ogren of Effigham said gay pride flags placed on his property have been stolen three times — in June, September and around Oct. 9.

“I didn’t suffer vandalism,” clarified Ogren. “I suffered, for the third time, a federal hate crime.”

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