CONWAY — Conway School Board Chairman Joe Lentini read the following statement at Monday night's Conway School Board meeting regarding the recent football camp incident involving students' killing of a duck.

"Conway School Board members were appalled at the actions perpetrated by members of the Kennett High School football team while on a football overnight camp, as were many of you.

"The natural reaction in a situation such as this is to severely punish those involved. We must remember that we are a school district and our job is education of our children.

"Many members of the community have expressed concern and outrage regarding this situation. We hear the feedback and concern and we appreciate it. I must reiterate that this situation does not reflect the student body as a whole.

"As school board chair, I was not informed of the incident until Wednesday, September 4, at which point disciplinary action had already been determined. I informed the rest of the school board of the incident Wednesday evening and Thursday morning.

"If it is determined that there is an issue in regard to the manner in which information of the incident was conveyed to the school board, then a review of policies and procedures will be undertaken to assure that information is given to all responsible parties in a timely manner going forward.

"School officials are tasked with the responsibility of doing everything possible to have students understand from their mistakes and to help them lean and grow from them. Individuals involved received varying levels of consequences and supports. The response by the school has been multi-faceted and includes disciplinary action, educational programing, mental health assessment and community service. There will be no future overnight camps for the football team at this time.

"We are also reviewing how such an event took place and what corrections need to be made so that this type of event does not occur again.

"We cannot speak to the specific individual details regarding student issues as we are bound by privacy laws pertaining to minors.

"We are hopeful that we can work as a community to educate and rehabilitate these individuals as well as prevent anything like this happening in the future.”

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