Memorial Hospital President Art Mathisen reflects on his four years at the hospital as he prepares to step down to become the president and chief executive officer of Good Shepherd Health Care System in Hermiston, Ore.


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I'm saddened that Art Matheson is leaving his position. In my view the hospital has improved greatly during his tenure. I find that communication with my providers has greatly improved and the support staff are well trained in every respect. I wish him well in his future position.


Yet his photo with wife in front of the ice cream truck, she, happily digging in to bovine infant calf formula, milk, turned into a glorified product known to cause numerous health disorders, shows the dangerous disconnect between medical understanding and the CAUSE of disease! We know from decades of research and symptoms abounding, that the white liquid produced by mother cows to nurse their newborn calves they carried for none months, is LOADED with growth hormones like IGF-1, Estrogen, Estradiol, and others, that cause dairy-consuming nations to have the highest rates of breast, prostate and ovarian cancers. Dr. Brooke Goldner writes about her near death experience growing up with Lupus, and that after years of kidney disease, inflammatory issues, and multiple hospitalizations, after she took her health into her own hands, got OFF dairy and animal products, she healed, became a medical doctor, and is helping thousands of patients become people again!

So when we see a CEO of a healthcare system, happily and mindlessly posing with his loved one in front of a truck that delivers suffering, disease, and death, we might ask why this oversight occurs in much of what we call "healthcare" today! Cows do not produce milk because they are cows, they produce milk because they are mothers and ALL mothers milk is to nurse that species. Find out what happens to their babies, the babies they give birth to whose milk we take for our disease. See

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