Supplement: Berlin cross country eyes solid season

Members of the 2021 Berlin Cross Country team from left to right: Adam Werner, senior; Brayden Landry, senior; Cole Ruediger, senior; Brennan Bowie, sophomore; David Young, junior; Max Bowman, sophomore; Cora Treiss, junior; Maya Wedge, junior. (WILLIAM CARROLL PHOTO)

BERLIN — At the start of the season Berlin cross-country coach Bob Lord wasn’t sure exactly how many athletes he would have on his team starting originally with only three boys and two girls, but the team filled out some Saturday at the Great Glen Race meet, now six boys and two girls are part of the team, with several runners looking to have strong seasons.

Lord explained that since he only has two girls, they can’t score as a team as a minimum of five are needed, but they can score individually at their respective meets.

For the boys, Lord has three seniors, a junior and two sophomore runners. Lord said that Brayden Landry is his top boy runner and he has high hopes for Landry to go on and compete as a major champion. He said Landry is definitely in the top echelon of runners in Division 3.

“He is ready,” Lord said of Landry, adding that Landry comes from a family of runners.

Lord also said that junior David Young has a chance to challenge Landry this season and that he is a tough runner, who will be the school’s number one next season.

Senior Adam Werner was with the team Saturday but didn’t run. Lord said he expects that Werner will be ready to compete in a couple of weeks as he gets more in shape for the grueling needs of long-distance running this season.

Senior Cole Ruediger is another runner that Lord said could have a strong season once he gets fully back into race shape. Lord noted that Ruediger suffered an injury and needed some time to get back up to full race shape.

“Once he gets going he will do well,” Lord said of Ruediger.

Sophomore Brennan Boewe is one of the younger members of the squad and Lord said Boewe has quite a bit of talent and has seen a marked improvement from last season.

Sophomore Max Bowman has also seen quite a bit of improvement, Lord said noting that Max and Brennan while still young represent the future of the squad.

Junior Cora Treiss is a very good and steady runner, according to Lord who constantly is working hard to improve her times. Treiss also comes from a family of runners, Lord said.

Junior Maya Wedge was described by Lord as a “little fireball. He said Wedge has the potential to be very, very good and as a hockey player is pretty tenacious on the course.

Overall Lord said his team is a great group of kids that are very fun to be around. In describing his runners he described their sense of humor and their strong work ethic, detailing a couple of recent incidents where his kids showed what he called their "irreverent" sense of humor.

This coming Saturday the Mountaineers will be competing at White Mountains Regional High School.

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