To the editor:

I was disappointed to read that our mayor, along with other N.H. Democrat Mayors, came out in support for Jeanne Shaheen’s re-election, praising her for, among other things, bringing millions of dollars into the N.H. economy. But let’s set the record straight. New Hampshire is one of only 10 “donor states,” which means that we contribute more to the federal government than we receive.

While our sister states, Maine, which ranks 9th, received $5,572 per capita in federal funds, and Vermont, which ranks 18th, received $3,741 per capita, New Hampshire, which ranked 44th out of 50, “received” a MINUS $234 per capita! While others received, we paid the federal government! The difference between New Hampshire and Maine? Roughly $7,500,000,000 – that’s 7 and ½ BILLION dollars!

What Shaheen and company (Hassan, Kuster, and Pappas) have accomplished in this regard is less than what should be expected of rookie representatives. They have tossed crumbs to New Hampshire residents, while genuflecting to their leftist/socialist party bosses, in return for their bosses’ support for re-election. It’s sad that these N.H. Democrat mayors are willing to put their party’s leftist agenda ahead of the welfare of New Hampshire residents.

While there are other contributing factors in the numbers above, a major factor in them is the inability of Shaheen and Hassan and Kuster and Pappas to “bring home the bacon.”

Remember this when you vote, and vote Republican.

Would Republican senators and representatives do any better? I don’t know. But I do know what kind of representation we now have in Washington. And it ain’t good!

Vaughn Roy


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