To the editor:

The Memorial Day observance by the VFW and the American Legion was very well done. Thank you. Good health to you all and peace.

We have been through much recently, beginning last year with the COVID virus and the election.

Restaurants, schools, churches closing, loss of jobs, medical appointments not being able to be made, wearing masks, people not being able to visit their loved ones in nursing homes, quarantine, much confusion, many deaths.

I have had the opportunity to go to some hospitals, and all “white” tent areas that were set up for COVID patients. Not one occupied, not even staff were inside, they were always empty when I would be there quite frequently.

I did hear a doctor state on television that he was told to report on death certificates COVID and he admitted that deaths were not caused by it. Makes one wonder.

Many thanks to the hard-working nurses and doctors, for this was a difficult time for them and their patients.

The vaccine, I have heard some favorable comments on their side effects and some extremely negative.

On a positive note, the stimulus checks by Donald Trump and Joe Biden brought financial relief to many, a consolation Band-Aid for the suffering, and unemployment benefits brought some back on their feet.

Thinking in silence on paper.

In the Scriptures when God is not pleased with His people He allows their enemies to come against them. For example, Israel and the Philistines, Israel and the Muslims, Hebrew captivity under the Egyptiansthat lasted 400 years before their deliverance. The Democrats and the Republicans.

Donald Trump standing in Washington, D.C., when it was mobbed, his security guards in the background, with his Bible in his hand. The Democrats came against him, where is their Bible, what truths do they stand upon?

“Heaven and Earth will pass away, but my words shall not pass away.” — Matthew 24.35

We are living in a very interesting time. I have come to the conclusion God does what He wants.

Diane T. Taupier


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