To the editor:

Fifty years ago in early September of 1970, I began my teaching career at King School Kindergarten in Berlin. I had graduated from Berlin High School in 1966 and completed my education degree at Plymouth State University. Full of excitement, but also fear, I was eager to meet my students and their families. I was replacing Florence Hamlin, a well-loved and respected teacher. Those were big shoes to fill! I was known as “Miss Enman” then. I taught there from 1970-71 and again from 1972-74.

In honor of the 50 years gone by, I would love to hear from any former students who attended King School during those years. I have a few mementos from that time and enjoy some good memories. wanted to say that the children and their parents were some of the nicest, kindest and most supportive people I ever met during my teaching career, especially since they were dealing with a “green” teacher. The firemen downstairs made me feel safe, and they even had a stage for performances. The teachers who worked upstairs with special needs children were amazing, the Berlin Dairy milkmen were always fun as they delivered the cartons of milk for snack time, and the nuns from the Catholic School up the hill were encouraging and thoughtful. School District personnel guided my steps, and Superintendent Lawrence Dwyer was most kind.

In April 1974, I married and became Mrs. Northridge for my last two months of teaching. We moved to British Columbia, Canada in July 1974 and have made our home here. I still have strong ties to New Hampshire in the Berlin/Milan area as my family and relatives are still there. My dad, Don Enman, is a resident of St. Vincent’s and will be 100 in January! When we travel to New Hampshire, I like to go to the Eastside Mall and think about my early teaching days.

My husband Steve and I have two grown sons and four grandchildren. I taught many years here in BC and retired in 2009. But I still think of the children at King School and the things they taught me!

My address is 5181 Fosbery Drive, Terrace, BC V8GOB6 Canada and I can be reached via Facebook. My email address is:the

I would love to hear from any former students or families read this.

Cynthia Northridge

Terrace, BC, Canada

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