N.H. Bureau of Trails becomes New Chief Supervisor

Craig Rennie is the new chief supervisor at the N.H. Bureau of Trails. (COURTESY PHOTO)

CONCORD — Craig Rennie has been appointed chief supervisor for the N.H. Bureau of Trails.

N.H. Commissioner of Natural and Cultural Resources Sarah Stewart announced that Rennie will take over the position formerly held by Chris Gamache, who retired last fall.

The Trails Bureau chief supervisor is responsible for management of the bureau’s 1,000 miles of wheeled off-highway recreational vehicle trails, over 300 miles of state-owned rail-trails, and 7,422 miles of snowmobile trails. The chief supervisor also supports the multiuse trail system in the state for hiking, cycling, equestrian and sled dogs.

“New Hampshire’s trail systems attract motorized and non-motorized enthusiasts each year, providing abundant opportunity to explore our great outdoors,” said Stewart. “Managing our trail network and supporting local trail user clubs is an important contributor to our tourism industry and to the high quality of life Granite Staters enjoy.”

Rennie comes to N.H. Trails Bureau with 24 years’ experience in natural resource management, holding positions with N.H. Department of Environmental Services, N.H. Fish and Game Department and other outdoor conservation organizations.

 “First and foremost, I am an avid outdoor recreation enthusiast, both motorized and non-motorized,” Rennie said.

The chief supervisor assists organizations, municipalities and trail clubs with the development of trails on both public and private lands. With the vast majority of both N.H. off-highway recreational vehicle and snowmobile trials on privately owned property, developing landowner relationships is an important part of the Bureau’s chief supervisor’s duties. “During my tenure at DES, I’ve had the great privilege to work with many applicants and landowners from around the state, particularly in the North Country,” said Rennie.

“My work and effort at DES has always been focused on the successful outcome of landowner’s application requests, as well as balancing the applicant’s needs.”

Rennie’s interactions with the Trails Bureau and his experience working for N.H. DES has prepared him to promote the trails Bureau’s programs and mission and at the same time protect New Hampshire’s natural areas.

“I have worked closely with the Trails Bureau staff for many years to develop trails around the state,” said Rennie. “My work at DES brings essential knowledge that will be an asset in promoting the growth, maintenance and improvement of our trail network.”

The motorized trail systems of New Hampshire attracts thousands of snowmobile and OHRV enthusiasts each year. According to the N.H. Department of Natural and Cultural Resources 2017 annual report, snowmobiling alone had an economic impact of $586 million in New Hampshire, with OHRV use generating $572 million to the state.

“The Trails Bureau chief position is an exciting and unique opportunity to share mutual passions with others from around the state,” said Rennie.

He added, “I look forward to getting to know and supporting the clubs who put countless hours into the management of these trails and I look forward to building my relationships with the many generous landowners who make our trail system possible.”

Rennie starts his new position as the N.H. Bureau of Trails chief supervisor on May 21, 2021.

The Bureau of Trails is set up to work with all trail users and the different types of trails that are designated for public use. The bureau provides guidance and financial support through grants programs to private groups, trail clubs, municipalities, and state and federal agencies for a variety of trail projects and issues.

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