LANCASTER — Weeks Medical Center is partnering with the Dartmouth-Hitchcock Center for Connected Care to add new neurology and psychiatry telemedicine services for local patients.

Telemedicine allows patients to see a medical specialist through the use of video teleconference and specially designed monitoring equipment without having to travel far from home. The services use a live, two-way secure video connection on large format, high-definition equipment ,where patients and Weeks medical staff connect with specialists at Dartmouth-Hitchcock.

In the emergency room or an inpatient setting, the teleneurology and telepsychiatry service enables prompt assessment and treatment by neurologists or psychiatrists at locations such as Weeks that do not have round-the-clock in-person coverage. With these telemedicine services Weeks Medical Center provides its patients with assessment and treatment recommendations via 24/7 real-time emergency and non-emergency consultations, and will help reduce transfers and keep patients closer to home.

“We’re pleased to enhance our telemedicine services through our partnership with Dartmouth-Hitchcock,” said Mike Lee, president of Weeks Medical Center. “The goal of telemedicine is to improve the quality of care at Weeks and provide better outcomes for patients while keeping that care local. Telemedicine also helps reduce the cost associated with care for both the patient and the hospital. It also saves patients time and money in travel and lost work hours. Our partnership with Dartmouth-Hitchcock allows us to bring the highest-quality specialty services, such as neurology and psychiatry, to our patients where they currently don’t exist.”

“The goal of Dartmouth-Hitchcock’s Center for Telehealth is to help deliver outstanding care to our region independent of patient location,” said Kevin Curtis, MD, medical director of Dartmouth-Hitchcock Center for Connected Care. “We are thrilled to add neurology and psychiatry to the robust telemedicine collaboration that already exists between Dartmouth-Hitchcock and Weeks Medical Center.”

Telemedicine services currently available at Weeks through Dartmouth-Hitchcock include dermatology, rheumatology, chronic kidney disease and stroke care. Procedure clinic nurses from Weeks are specially trained in telemedicine services and procedures. These service providers act as the local hands, eyes and ears for the specialist on the other end of the teleconference.

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