Gorham Fire & EMS purchase new cardiac monitor devices

Stop by the Gorham Fire Station for a demonstration of the newly purchased cardiac monitoring equipment. (COURTESY PHOTO)

GORHAM — Gorham Fire & Emergency Medical Services has placed two Zoll brand X-Series cardiac monitor-defibrillators into service.

These new cardiac monitors replace two aging Zoll E-Series cardiac monitor-defibrillators, one of which has been in-service since 2007.

The purchase of the X-Series monitors represents a significant increase in technology for Gorham.

The X-series monitors feature see-through CPR, which allows providers to see the underlying cardiac rhythm during a cardiac arrest, allowing for decreased hands-off time when performing defibrillation, as well as active CPR feedback, allowing providers to perform chest compressions more efficiently.

In addition to enhanced cardiac arrest technology, the X-Series monitor features the ability to wirelessly transmit 12-lead ECGs to the hospital ahead of the transporting ambulance, allowing the receiving physician to evaluate the ECG and prepare for the arrival of the patient sooner.

Additionally, members can electronically upload ECGs, treatment, and vital sign records directly to the department’s electronic medical reporting system, allowing for a more complete patient care report.

Paired with the department’s iPads, this will also reduce the use of paper documents to be attached to the report later on.

For more information, contact Gorham Fire & EMS at (603) 466-5611 or stop by the station for a demonstration of the new devices.

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