Nucar Auto Serve lets you buy your next vehicle completely from home

Richard and Ellen King are taking delivery of their 2021 Chevrolet Silverado from Nucar Automotive Group. Handing them the keys (left) is Roger Marois, the North Country Outside Sales Representative.

GORHAM — You can now shop for a car or truck from your computer at home, have it delivered to your doorstep, swap in your old vehicle and sign the paperwork without leaving the comfort of your house. On top of the convenience, you will have access to thousands of new and used vehicles including most of the major franchises. And all new cars will come with an exclusive 20-year 200,000 mile warranty on the power train.

Nucar Auto Serve is offering this new modern approach to selling vehicles and has named well-known local businessman Roger Marois as its North Country direct door salesman.

Nucar is a combination of new and familiar businesses owned by two North County businessmen, Shawn Hanlon and Dan Dagesse, who owned Auto-North Superstore in Gorham and just over a year ago the pair purchased Plymouth Ford. This past December, they purchased AutoMall of Tilton. The three dealerships are now merged together as Nucar and Hanlon serves as president of the company.

Hanlon said increasingly the public is doing its shopping online and the COVID-19 pandemic has only re-enforced that practice. He said that is true for the automotive business as well.

“A lot of people do their selecting online,” said Hanlon, noting when customers come to the dealership they have done their research and are usually down to two to three final choices.

Predicting online shopping will only increase, he said they decided to go a step further and give people the ability to do the entire sale online from their home without ever stepping into a dealership. To implement the new approach, Hanlon recruited an experienced hand, Roger Marois. He said Marois was a natural choice because people in the North Country “know and trust him.”

A Berlin native, Marois has worked extensively in the auto industry including a long stint at Berlin City Auto Dealership but said his most recent job came with a tremendous amount of travel and being away from home.

“I decided to make a change in my life,” he said, adding he is excited at the opportunity to join Nucar and work directly with people.

Anyone interested in buying a new or pre-owned vehicle has only to call and Marois said he will bring the vehicle to them with absolutely no obligation. Marois said Nucar can find just about any vehicle they are seeking. The list includes Toyota, Honda, Ford, Nissan, Hyundai, Dodge, Ram, Jeep, Chevrolet, Kia, Volkswagen, Mazda and Chrysler. They also have access to close to 1,500 pre-owned vehicles.

The customer can take the vehicle for a test ride, Marois can provide a trade-in price for their existing vehicle if desired, complete the transaction in the comfort of their home. The customers no longer have to travel for pricing and selection. Once the sale is completed, the new vehicle is in the driveway.

Hanlon said Dagesse has always been on the cutting edge when it comes to selling cars. He started Berlin City Ford as a small dealership on Route 16 in Berlin and grew it into a large dealership headquartered on Route 16 in Gorham before selling it in 2006. One of his hires was Hanlon, who considers Dagesse a mentor.

Hanlon said Dagesse was already using the internet as a sales tool, delivering cars to buyers all over New England back when he owned Berlin City. He said Dagesse also came up with the 20-year, 200,000 miles warranty on new vehicles because he recognized that people in rural places put on higher mileage.

Hanlon said Nucar has already seen an increase in sales under the new partnership and said he is confident its new approach to sales will help the company continue to grow.

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