BERLIN — First year Berlin boys basketball coach Jesse Arsenault said the anthem of this season for his team is “Building men as the number one goal and winning games as number two.”

Arsenault said his team has embraced a new culture of early morning intense training that includes olympic style lifting, resistance training and explosive plyometric training exercises designed for quick explosive movements, similar to some of the skills needed on the basketball court.

Arsenault said with the new training regime he is looking to build the foundation for a new future of Berlin basketball.

He said that while he is still feeling his players out he has noticed a tenacity and energy level he did not expect this early on in the season. He said the team recently had a scrimmage that felt much like a playoff game. He said that the team’s tenacity is evident in practices, that he said feel like games due to the level of competition he is seeing from his players.

Arsenault noted that the team’s offensive game plan this season will be to control the flow of the game through long possessions on the offensive end, with the goal to be to get the ball to junior center Jeremyah Dow and sophomore forward Haden Poulin to create front end scoring for the team.

Arsenault said he is also encouraged by the emergence of senior guard David McGloughlin, noting that McGloughlin’s calm demeanor on the court and overall athleticism has been a huge boost to the team.

Defensively Arsenault said Berlin has a history of playing “the most gut-wrenching tenacious man-to-man half court defense,” and he intends to continue that tradition. He said the anthem for the defense will be to produce an unbreakable half-court defense with a few surprises for opponents.

The Mountaineers will see a lot of action before the Christmas break as they have five games scheduled before Christmas, including a game Friday against local rivals White Mountain Regional High School.

The boys lost their opener to Belmont Monday night, but had a strong performance in the final period going on a 22-5 run to finish the game 44-33.

Arsenault said this following the game, “I am very impressed by the boys' resolve and maturity to roll up their sleeves and put us in position for a 4th quarter miracle. I think that quarter defines who we are as men. We are simply going to be relentless no matter what the scoreboard reflects this year and beyond."

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