To the editor:

The North Country has always had it’s share of strong and beautiful women, which has always been a very special part of the incredible strength of what the North Country personifies. In a time when it was always a Man’s World so to speak, our little neck of the woods proved that we always had some very strong women who brought their female peers to a better place emotionally and professionally.

We lost one of the all time best women ever in our little piece of tranquility up here when we lost the woman I considered to be the First Lady of the North Country and of the Hospitality World — when we lost Lucille “Lupe” Labnon. A more classy and beautiful woman the area has truly never known.

When I was a high school kid, I was lucky enough to work at the T&C for close to three years as a busboy at night and a waiter for breakfast.

Although there was always a Labnon everywhere with words of wisdom, it was often the special moments when I got to see Lupe that meant the most. All in all, it was her husband and his brothers who gave direction back then, but I often got to bus her table while she and Navy would have dinner, or just pass by her, and her subtle and beautiful nature when giving advice on certain things meant much more to me.

She was like a mom in giving advice. She was one of many compliments, which always meant the world, and when she gave criticism, it sunk in and meant much more because of her big-hearted nature.

Truly, a more classy woman I never knew growing up, and thinking back, I struggle to find many that could compete to even be in her league.

I will always love the Labnon family. My heart is very heavy for all of you on the loss of Lupe. A more beautiful, poised and classy woman I have never known.

Kelly Ross


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