To the editor:

Frankly, I've thought the race relations stuff lately has been somewhat overdone. The war has been over for lots of years, you see a lot more exposure for black folks on TV and in the movies. Let's relax a little. Why get upset if someone wants to fly the Confederate flag? It's just a symbol of a time long gone. Why destroy statues of Confederate heroes? It's history and art. Then, in a recent issue of Smithsonian magazine, there was an article titled, "How We're Still Paying For The Confederacy." I was stunned.

Reporters from the magazine visited a number of Confederate memorials in the South, places like Jefferson Davis' home. It turns out that these places are still using the old Confederate mantra. They're still preaching that everything was wonderful down South before the North invaded. The slaves were happy and slavery was good because the Negros need someone to take care of them (Nothing was mentioned, I suppose, about how young slaves appreciated having their teeth pulled out to make dentures for "Old Massa"). The Rebel soldiers were the white knights who fought heroically for a lost cause even though they were terribly outnumbered and overwhelmed by the invading hordes from the North. In the dreadful turn of events, all the wonderful things of the South were "Gone With The Wind."

An amazing side note to this was the fact that these places are federally subsidized. Taxpayers are being charged to keep the Civil war going.

What a strange world we live in. What strange creatures we are.

John Gralenski


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