To the editor:

This commentary is completely fictional. (But largely accurate)

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Interesting how everything you say about Biden goes double fir that crook Drumpf! We will truly not be a “great” country again until Drumpf is GONE …one way or the other! Then we can begin to clean house if his followers! They advocate for another civil war. Hopefully we will learn from the lessons of the last one! This time all those who rebel against the USA must be irradiated (and no memorials built to “honor” them)! Many of my ancestors fought on the RIGHT side the last time! I and my descendants will do so again if push comes to shove! Ever seen the movie where NYC is turned into a huge prison? I suggest that we move the Native Americans that were forced into Oklahoma by Drumpf’s hero Andrew Jackson back to their ancestral homeland in the South and turn Oklahoma into such a place for the TRAITORS! Treat them as their fore-bearers treated captive Union soldiers at Andersonville! Drumpf’s supporters should be very careful what they wish for! There will be jo “reconstruction” fir them this time!


And when he was the front man for The Power Station:


You say you're losing your identity

You say you've sacrificed your freedom to me

You won't commit to me

'Til I submit to you

We will not submit to you and your false narrative.

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