BERLIN — After turning 100 years old, the Androscoggin Valley Fish and Game Association has survived the COVID-19 pandemic and the club’s board of directors is planning to resume its regular programs and activities this year with the revised CDC guidelines and protocols.

People can follow the schedule on the new club website at

The first AVFGA activity in this calendar year would normally be the annual banquet in late April, but this year the board is planning to hold its 101st banquet in September and the plans will be revealed as they are solidified.

The club’s next activity will be its annual road toll on Glen Avenue to help fund the annual AFVGA/Roland Chabot Fishing Derby.

It is scheduled for May 21 from 8 a.m.-6 p.m. The goal is to also raise funds to send three boys and three girls to Barry Camp in the month of June, so watch for the "Red Shirts" on May 21.

Immediately following the road toll, the club is tentatively sponsoring its Women's Firearms Familiarization Program on Saturday, May 22, with a Sunday, May 23, rain date. Stay tuned for sign-ups and more info.

The annual summer trap shoots are slated to start on May 25 with 100 bird shoots set for later dates.

The public is invited to come up to the AVFGA firing range on Tuesday evenings (rain or shine) starting at 5 p.m. to try their hand at shooting trap. A possible free trap night for newcomers in also in the works.

Another club-sponsored activity scheduled to open on May 13 is the weekly archery shoots on Thursday evenings on the recently renovated 30-lane, 3-D target archery range.

The club is also are sponsoring a sanctioned Granite State Bowhunters meet on June 27 at the range on East Milan road.

If archery or trap is not your preference, you can purchase a range pass on-line or pick up an application at the kiosk at the gate on East Milan Road and go to the range from 9 a.m. to sundown and challenge yourself on the pistol range or 100-yard rifle range to practice your sight in your firearms.

Another regular activity the AVFGA is gearing up for is sponsoring the N.H. Hunter Education program scheduled for Sept. 11. An update will be posted as information becomes available.

The AVFGA is also sponsoring its annual kids fishing rodeo and cook-out at Libby Pool in Gorham on Saturday, June 5.

The club is also conducting its second annual nursing home fishing rodeo, also at Libby Pool, on Monday, June 7.

As always, anyone can purchase a club boat pass on line on the website or at Gord's Corner Store in West Milan to have the ability to use one of the AVFGA’s 13 boats placed at area water bodies for some excellent fishing.

There is also the fishing contest for members who register their fish at Gord's. Anyone can purchase a membership at Gord's or the Berlin Marketplace for $5.

Members can also register for the hunting contest at Gorham Hardware, LL Cote in Errol or Gord's Corner Store.

A commemorative mug and cash prize is awarded at the banquet to the contest winners in each category.

Anyone who desires to become a member can attend the banquet, buy a range pass or boat pass and participate in the many activities the club has to offer.

Social distancing in the great outdoors in the Androscoggin Valley is truly a rewarding way to survive the COVID-19 pandemic.

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