Northwoods Casino names 2020 poker champions

Jun Jun Law of Jun’s Do It All Construction placed first in Northwoods Casino's annual Champion of Champions game Jan. 20. (COURTESY PHOTO)

BERLIN — Jun Jun Law was named the Northwoods Casino's 2020 Champion of Champions after placing first in the Champion of Champions game on Jan. 20.

The annual championship game is played in January at Northwoods Casino, located at 155 Emery St., from a selection of players who participated and placed in a paying position in at least one monthly Tournament of Champions game during the prior year.

That winner receives the tournament’s cash prize, a championship poker bracelet and the championship poker belt.

Ten poker champs played a great game, with Jun Jun Law of Jun’s Do It All Construction placing first with Jason Stevens of Smokin J’s in Fryburg, Maine and Louis Sotille of Sotille’s A.T.V. placing second and third respectively.

The casino also announced the 2020 poker champions.

Among the long list of players who placed in the weekly poker tournaments, a handful  emerged as frontrunners in each month’s Tournament of Champions from January through December 2020.

The standings are as follows:

January: Ralph Cass and Adam Goodrich.

February: Ralph Cass and Jun Jun Law.

March: Robin Hood, Ralph Cass and Ron Prior Jr.

July: Jason Stevens, Adam Goodrich and Howard Cismowski.

August: Joe Rodgers and Robert Lambert.

September: Charlie Napier and Terri Letarte.

October: Clifford Hudon and Louis Sotille.

November: Ron Pryor, Sr. and Matthew Clay.

December: Clifford Hudon, Howard Cismowski, Ron Pryor, Sr. and Bryan Hood.

Although poker tournaments are held regularly, the championship games are typically played on the first Saturday of the month and participation is by qualifying wins only.

To qualify for the Tournament of Champions, a player must place in a paying position in at least one game during the prior month.

Poker tournaments are currently being held Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays at 6:30 p.m. Cash poker games are held at 6:30 p.m. on Wednesdays. Blackout dates apply and buy-ins and add-ons vary. Consult the website calendar at or call (603) 723-9550 for more information.

Northwoods Casino is a charitable gaming facility currently doing business at St. Kieran Community Center for the Arts.

Since opening the doors in May of 2018, the staff and patrons of Northwoods Casino have worked together to provide over $180,000 in financial assistance to a number of qualifying New Hampshire 501c organizations.

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