To the editor:

Donald Trump’s third fraud lawsuit since first running for president, brought by the Washington, D.C., attorney general, just ended on May 3 (The New York Times, May 4, 2022).

In the first fraud lawsuit, as you may recall, Trump had held a fundraiser for veterans instead of appearing in the first Iowa presidential debate, sponsored by FOX News, which he claimed was going to be unfair (that was before FOX started their eventual practice of giving Trump advance notice of questions).

Rather than give the funds he raised to any veteran charities as promised, he spent them on his campaign and on personal sports memorabilia gifts which he hung in his office and at Mara Lago.

The court ordered him to pay back $2 million plus expenses, and required his children, managers of the charity, to take courses in charitable trust management, while restricting the organization’s further charitable activities.

In the second such fraud lawsuit, his “Trump University” (an oxymoron if I ever heard one) bilked students out of millions without delivering any actual real estate education, as promised. That one cost him $25 million to settle, which he did during his presidency.

In this latest one, the Trump organization was accused of conspiring with his Inauguration Committee to overcharge guests booked for the inauguration at his Washington Trump Hotel and throw a huge inauguration day party for his kids, costing over $300,000.

The committee had also booked reservations elsewhere and never paid those hotels. Altogether, the D.C. attorney general accepted a settlement of nearly three quarters of the $1.1 million he and his family pocketed from the fraud. The attorney general is donating that money to a D.C. non-profit called The Mikva challenge, dedicated to programs which teach local kids civics … you know, so they won’t grow up to be like Trumps. Can’t think of a more fitting beneficiary.

Stay tuned. There are several more still working their way through the pipeline. And those don’t even include the criminal cases presently in their investigation stage. Should be an interesting post-presidency, don’t you think?

Theodore Bosen


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