To the editor:

Tuesday, Feb. 11, is Democratic Presidential Primary Day. I hope you will go to the polls and join me in voting for U.S. Rep. and Army National Guard Major Tulsi Gabbard to be our next president and commander in chief.

I’ve done research on all of the candidates and based on character, beliefs, policy, votes and platforms, I feel that Congresswoman Gabbard is the best candidate to be the Democratic Party nominee and the candidate who can most easily defeat Trump in November. Why?

I first met Tulsi in March and have attended eight events with her. I’ve met people from all political parties (Democrats, Independents, Republicans, Libertarians and Greens) who like Tulsi. In order to beat Trump, we need a candidate that can bring together a broad coalition of people from all political parties, not just Democrats.

From my personal experience meeting her and from watching most of her town halls, Tulsi has incredible integrity and is genuine, honest, transparent, compassionate and caring. She walks the talk. She puts people, planet and peace first, not party or profits. Her campaign is 100 percent people-powered, mostly run by volunteers like myself. She takes no PAC, lobbyist or special interest money. She is 100 percent beholden to the people. She will work for we the people and not the rich and powerful.

Tulsi has the congressional and military experience to successfully lead our country as president and commander in chief. She was the youngest person to be elected to the Hawaii State Legislature at the age of 21. After 9/11, Tulsi enlisted in the Hawaii National Guard, deploying twice to the Middle East. She spent a year in a medical unit in a war zone north of Baghdad Iraq, never knowing if each day might be her last. Her second deployment was to Kuwait as a platoon major.

She later ran for Congress and was successfully elected as a U.S. representative. Tulsi has served for seven years on the Foreign Affairs, Armed Services and Homeland Security committees, where she's been intimately involved with sensitive, national security issues.

Since the first day Tulsi entered the race, the corporate news media and Democratic establishment have been trying to ignore and smear her with untruths and propaganda. Most recently, Hillary Clinton and media pundits have tried to portray her as a traitor to our country by calling her names. The corporate establishment fears Tulsi, as she has proven herself to be of, by and for the people and not the rich and powerful. They fear losing their power and profits with a Tulsi presidency.

Tulsi will end the corruption in Washington and end regime change wars that are so costly to us as taxpayers, to our military service men and women, and to the people we wage these wars against. She will ensure a strong military to keep our country safe. She will have the courage to talk with friend or foe in the pursuit of peace and policy that protects out planet. She will ensure that war will always be the last resort. By ending these wasteful regime change wars, we can save trillions of dollars that can be invested in our own people and country for improved health care, education, infrastructure, green energy economy, housing and more.

Tulsi will not be bullied or persuaded by anyone in a powerful position. She will always put the best interests of the American people first. Since she was a young girl in Hawaii, she has always put “service above self” in her life and will continue to do so as president and commander in chief.

I am a proud supporter, volunteer and, most recently, elected New Hampshire delegate for Tulsi. If you are unsure who to vote for in the Democratic Presidential Primary, please consider voting for Tulsi. She will help unite our very divided Congress and country, help heal the current deep partisan divide, and help enact bills that bring prosperity and peace to every American. Thank you for reading! Your vote and voice truly matters for the future of our country!

Donna Godin


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