To the editor:

Say No to pay as you throw!

Why should those who have recycled since day one and continue to do so be penalized for the LAZY ignorant who do not recycle? The lazy people who do not recycle should be fined and that money used to defer the cost of recycle and trash disposal or used to fix the many, many pot holes.

How much would it cost the taxpayers to implement this unnecessary plan? New special trash bags, more recycle bins and whatever else.

Forcing those who do the right thing by paying more money for city trash bags, when they can buy less expensive ones in large amounts is just wrong. There will be more trash in the woods if this plan goes into effect.

P.S. 5/6/20 After article in Daily Sun's (Tues.). If an outside company picks up trash will our current sanitation crew be displaces or kept on payroll to do unnecessary jobs at tax payers expense? Mr. Grenier contradicted himself. In one sentence he stated the tax base would go down and in another sentence it could not be guaranteed. Which is it?

Why does Berlin copy other towns? As the saying goes, "If John Doe jumps in the lake or off a cliff, why do you have to do it also?"

The people who are not recycling now (I'm sure) will not buy city trash bags at inflated prices. As I said earlier, there will be trash in our woodlands and roadsides.

Anna Marie Lutz


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