BERLIN — Berlin police arrested a Vermont man awaiting trial in that state for an alleged shooting after they reportedly discovered him sleeping in a car early Monday morning with drugs and alcohol in the vehicle. Also sleeping in the car was a Vermont Corrections officer.

Arther Butler, 18, of 316 Willey Hill Rd., Topsham, Vt., was charged by Berlin police with two counts of resisting arrest, escape, possession of marijuana and under-age possession of alcohol.

Shortly after 1 a.m. Monday, Berlin police discovered a car parked at Nansen Wayside Area in Milan that was running and appeared to have occupants asleep according to the arrest affidavit. (Berlin provides police coverage to Milan.)

Upon checking, Patrolman Adam Labonte said there was a woman asleep in the driver’s seat and a man sleeping in the passenger seat.

He wrote that he saw two cases of the alcohol beverage Smirnoff Ice in the back seat and an open bottle in the passenger door compartment.

Labonte said he could also see a duty belt and a jacket with a Vermont Corrections patch on it on the rear seat.

Labonte said he knocked several times on the driver’s window and asked if she was alright.

The driver, who authorities said they later identified as Summer Bilodeau, said the two had parked there to sleep and had been there about three hours.

Butler told the officer he had not been drinking but Labonte observed that the open bottle by Butler was a Smirnoff. The officer wrote that Butler refused to provide his identification.

While talking to Bilodeau, Labonte said he noticed Butler putting on a backpack and then he alleged the young man took off running.

Labonte and Officer Noah Dumas caught up with Butler but the officer said Butler actively resisted and had to be tasered twice to be handcuffed.

A search of the backpack revealed over three-quarters of an ounce of marijuana.

Dumas received a shoulder injury in the struggle and was treated at Androscoggin Valley Hospital.

Butler was also taken to AVH and the affidavit alleges he tried to escape custody as he was returned to the Berlin police station.

Berlin District Court Judge John Boyle Monday ordered Butler held in preventive detention, noting at the time of his arrest in Berlin he was on bail. The terms of that bail included 24-hour home confinement and forbid him from consuming or possessing alcohol.

A status hearing is scheduled for Aug. 19 in Berlin District Court.

According to the Caledonian Record newspaper in St. Johnsbury, Vt., Butler is awaiting trial on charges of reckless endangerment and felony aggravated assault for allegedly shooting a man twice and leaving him paralyzed in April 2019.

Rachel Feldman, spokeswoman for the Vermont Commissioner of Corrections, said Bilodeau is on administrative leave and an investigation is underway.

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