Airbnb Hosts earned $11.8 million during biggest weekends of 2019

This is an overview of 2019 guest arrivals and total host income, broken down by county. (COURTESY AIRBNB)

CONCORD — Airbnb, the world’s leading community driven hospitality company, announced that its New Hampshire host community earned a combined $11.8 million in supplemental income while welcoming approximately 57,400 guest arrivals to the state for the five biggest guest arrival weekends in 2019, including Columbus Day Weekend and several peak summer travel weekends.

“2019 was another great year for Airbnb in New Hampshire, with more local residents embracing the economic opportunities offered by home sharing, and small businesses and entire communities benefiting as a result,” said Josh Meltzer, Head of Northeast Public Policy. “As we dive into this new year, we are especially proud of the important role that our hosts have played in creating additional accommodations supply during the state’s top travel weekends while leveraging this demand to earn supplemental income. We hope that these insights will help New Hampshire families who are looking to open up their home as a short-term rental in identifying some of the best times of the year to do so.”

The home sharing community provides significant value through expanded lodging capacity for New Hampshire communities when hotels sell out during big events. These include college graduations, major conventions and concerts, and during summer tourism or ski season.

Along with helping hosts earn important supplemental income, Airbnb also helps generate revenue for local economies around the world. According to an Airbnb survey of more than 35,000 responses from our host and guest community in the United States:

• 92 percent of Airbnb hosts say they recommend restaurants and cafes to guests.

• 56 percent of Airbnb hosts say they recommend cultural activities such as museums, festivals and historical sites to guests.

• 55 percent of Airbnb hosts say hosting has helped them afford their homes.

• On average, Airbnb guests say 41 percent of their spending occurs in the neighborhood where they stay.

Unlike other business models that siphon the money they generate out of communities, Airbnb activity directly benefits the communities our hosts call home. Since Airbnb was founded, hosts keep 97 percent and have earned over $65 billion sharing their homes that many use to pay the bills and pursue their passions.

In addition, in 2019, Airbnb reached a landmark cumulative $2 billion in tourist-related taxes that have been collected and remitted to local governments on behalf of our global host community over the past four years.

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