BERLIN — Berlin High Coach Bob Lord's boys’ cross-country team opened its season on Sept. 25 with a strong showing against a solid Kennett team and the Mountaineers hope to continue improving each day, each meet as the season progresses.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the schedule is abbreviated as it is in all the local high school programs. The Mountaineers will have three meets against Kennett, two against Pittsburg-Canaan and one with White Mountain Regional.

Coach Lord welcomes back senior runner Brody Day, who has taken first place in two meets thus far this season.

“He is looking stronger than ever and should have a great year,” Lord said.

Brayden Landry, a junior, returns “with running in his blood and will be in the top finishers all season,” said Lord.

Lord looks for good things from senior Jace Arsenault, junior Cole Rudeger, senior Elijah Gilcris, sophomore Dave Young, junior Victor Morales, Cam Sloane and freshmen Max Bowman and Brennan Boewe.

On the girl's side of things, there are only three runners, with five required to score as a team. Those runners include Cora Treiss, Alyssa Delafontaine and Candice Howry.

“All three have been working hard, improving each day and will contribute much throughout the season,” Lord said.

Lord had some help early on from long-time cross country coach from down in southern part of the state in Mike Clark, and has appreciated his expertise and enthusiasm.

The Mountaineers' had two meets last week, competing in the Pittsburg-Canaan Invitational and then traveling to Kennett on Saturday. Both meets proved successful as they totally dominated up north and lost in Kennett to Kingswood Regional by one point, 45-46. At the Murphy Dam, BHS had six of the top 7 finishers and then four finishers from the No. 11 to 17 spots.

No team other than Berlin had enough runners to score, but if you put those teams together and scored them against the locals, Berlin would have won 18-42.

In the Kennett race things were close all the way through but Kingswood managed to squeak one runner in where needed to win by one point.

In condensing things here, Brody Day was second in the Murphy Dam race in 18:44, but bounced back and won the Kennett race in 18:11; Brayden Landry, first in 18:40, and second in 18:12 (a second behind Day); Jace Arsenault, fourth, 20:34 and 10th,19:42; Victor Morales, fifth, 21:26 and 20th, 20:41; Elijah Gilcris, sixth, 21:32 and 18th, 20:37; Dave Young, seventh, 21:40 and 16th, 20:17; Cole Ruediger rounded out the top 7 with an 11th place finish in 22:18 and 17th in 20:27.

Gorham's Colby Gourdeau was 10th with a time of 22:16 and 23rd, 21:44.

The girls finished with Gorham's Zoe Grondin first in Pittsburg with a time of 24:31 and eighth at Kennett, 23:08, Cora Treiss, third, 26:03 and 12th, 24:30; Alyssa Delafontaine, fifth, 19:40 and 21s, 26:46, and Candice Howry sixth, 31:15.

Lord was pleased with all his runners, saying, "The boys are really fired up with their success thus far. Hopefully, they can keep it going. The team finish at the Kennett race was particularly pleasing, as all competition was from D2 (Berlin is D3)." The Junior Varsity race was won by Berlin's Jeremy Howry with Candice Howry running her best race of the season, and Max Bowman and Brannen Boewe running well, too.

The Mountaineers hosted a meet Tuesday and dominated the race with White Mountain Regional and Pittsburg-Canaan, with neither team having a full compliment of five runners to post a score.

Brody Day took first in 18:30, BHS alumni Kolby Delafontaine was second in 19:21, followed by Brayden Landry, third, 19:42; Jace Arsenault, fourth, 20:45; Victor Morales, fifth, 20:48; Elijah Gilcris, eighth, 21:59; and Cole Ruediger rounded out Berlin's top 7 with a ninth place finish in 22:09.

Gorham's Colby Gourdeau was 12th in 23:17.

Gorham's Zoe Grondin was the first female runner at 23:33, while Berlin had Cora Treiss coming in fourth at 27:58, followed by Alyssa Delafontaine in fifth, 28:34, and Candice Howry was eighth, 41:48

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