To the editor:

Except for his wife, I know my brother, Roland Theberge, best. You the voter have several choices this upcoming municipal election. The interest shown by the various candidates is reassuring for our democracy.

Having grown up with my brother, I can assure you that his character and dedication to the city is steadfast. My brother is an individual who listens to the concerns of our citizens, and contemplates the pros and cons, asks pertinent questions of the city manager as well as fellow city councilmen before voicing his opinion and vote.

Having served on the council for years, it is in the best interest for our citizens to have an individual with the knowledge of the city’s institutional history. In addition, given his background as a former mill worker and electrician, he is an asset to the council and adds to the diversity of backgrounds needed to act responsibly in the face of adversity.

I have taken offense to some who have claimed that my brother, Roland Theberge, votes 100 percent with the mayor and is his puppet. Far from the truth. He has his own mind and votes accordingly. The votes taken by the council often are 9-0 which reinforces the fact that the city council has worked diligently to arrive at what is best for our city.

My brother “Lefty” studies the issues and is well prepared for before attending meetings. He continues to focus on economic growth and jobs for the city. He takes his responsibilities seriously and always reflects on the impact his vote may have on citizens.

I urge you re-elect my brother. Roland “Lefty” Theberge, as a representative of the city’s council.

Robert L. Theberge


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