To the editor:

Medicare for all: Sens. Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren were recently in Berlin pushing their socialist Medicare for all. Many in attendance were seniors. Medicare for all would mean LESS CARE for us seniors. This country has a shortage of general practice doctors to provide the free care (which is far from being free for us seniors).

This would overwhelm the medical system — walk-in clinics, emergency rooms in hospitals, general practice doctors, etc. — as most of the government-run programs' costs would become prohibitive, and obviously the budget would have to be cut and medical care along with it.

Hence, this would affect the care for seniors, the care that we are used to would be cut and limited.

Politicians never provide what they promise. Remember: "If you like your doctor you can keep it, if you like your current care, you can keep it"? Yeah, right.

The Canadian system is mentioned as being good. Seniors, talk to your Canadian relatives, friends. We are acquainted with a Canadian friend. He has been waiting for a "knee replacement" for over two years and now requires a cane to ambulate. Many Canadians who can afford it, come to the U.S. for their procedure.

SO SENIOR FRIENDS, 'WATCH OUT WHAT YOU ASK FOR." Politicians, leave our Medicare alone.

Conrad Bouchard Senior


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