Secretary of State David Scanlon (center) speaks at the Special Committee on Voter Confidence meeting in Berlin on Tuesday. (PAUL ROBITAILLE PHOTO)

BERLIN — The Special Committee on Voter Confidence listened to a detailed presentation Tuesday on how complaints about elections and voting are handled by the N.H. Attorney General’s office.

N.H. Secretary of State David Scanlan created the bipartisan commission to increase public trust in the state’s election process and it has been holding informational sessions across the state and including one at Berlin City Hall.

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Where are the Republicans? Must be home watching Fox News or a re-run of Matlock. Where was the Secretary of State’s office/AGwhen we found absentee ballots stuffed into the town office file cabinets? Where was the Secretary of State’s Office/AG when we submitted video footage of our election official allegedly sending out voting suggestions from the town office using town materials and postage? Where was the Secretary of State/AG when they wouldn’t take a case of theft under $200k because with just wasn’t enough for them to devote energy to? Yet, they hold a meeting in the middle of the day when most people are working and cannot attend. For those crying about the raid at Mar a Lardo, remember your NH SOS/AG were perfectly fine sending a group of investigators to search the home or an 80 year old North Country woman in search of a single photo on a cell phone.

Nuclear secrets v. A snapshot of a banshee perched on the hood of a truck. Come on.

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