Chapman donates tillotson gloves to first responders

Bob Chapman of Chapman Scrap Metal & Recycling (third from left) donated 10,000 rubber gloves made at Tillotson Rubber to State Police Troop F for first responders. Accepting the donation Monday were State Police Trooper Garrett Rella, Trooper Neil Chapdelaine, and Sergeant Michael Cote.

When the Balsams Hotel closed in Dixville Notch eight years ago, local businessman Bob Chapman purchased the last two pallets of rubber gloves that were left from the old Tillotson rubber plant. Since then the supply of 50,000 gloves have been used in his shops by employees.

“We’ve been using the gloves around the shop but with what is going on with the virus I thought the first responders might have better use of them,” Chapman said. 

He donated 10,000 gloves to the city of Franklin for use by the Franklin Fire Department.

Chapman donated 10 cases of rubber gloves to NH State Police Troop F. The 10 cases were picked up Monday morning by N.H. State Police sergeant Michael Cote, Trooper Neil Chapdelaine and Trooper Garrett Rella of Troop F.

“We will take the boxes of gloves back to troop F, open the boxes and with other safety items, distribute the gloves as care packages to local first responders. We appreciate the donation as I am sure many of our brother officers and emergency people will also,” said Cote.

“These are new and challenging times; we all need to do what we can to help each other,” said Chapman. “We are all in this together. Our community has always helped each other. If we just keep doing that, we will all get through this together.”

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