Berlin High Principal Mike Kelley

Berlin High Principal Mike Kelley was also new to the Berlin school system this year.

Phased-in reopening

Tuesday, Sept. 8, eighth and ninth graders return to building for full day.

Wednesday, Sept. 9, seventh and 10th graders return to building for full day.

Thursday, Sept. 10, sixth and 11th graders return to building for full day.

Friday, Sept. 11, 12th grade return to building for a full day.

Face coverings

Face coverings will be worn in all areas of the school property at all times, except when eating lunch.

Students will be given mask breaks during each class period, if needed.

Teachers will design a system that allows for social distancing while taking mask breaks.

Teachers should designate an area in the classroom for students who need a mask break.

Teachers should ensure that the number of students taking a mask break at the same time remains low, while maintaining 6 feet of social distancing in the designated area.

Face coverings can be removed while eating breakfast.

Students will be allowed to remove face covering only when seated at a cafeteria table for lunch.

Masks will be worn at all other times in the cafeteria.

Building entry

Students will wait in the courtyard until 7:15 a.m. Staff will be on duty to ensure mask wearing and social distancing.

Students will be allowed to enter the building beginning at 7:15 a.m., at staggered intervals.

Students will enter the building in the following locations:

• Middle school, main entrance

• CTE students, CTE entrance

• High school, cafeteria entrance

The following will be the assigned times for building entrance:

• 7:15 a.m., CTE, ninth grade, sixth grade

• 7:17 a.m., 10th grade, seventh grade

• 7:19 a.m., 11th grade, eighth grade

• 7:21 a.m., 12th grade

Times may vary depending on outside weather.

Teacher daily required hours will change to 7:16 a.m. to 2:16 p.m.

Students will have the option to have a grab and go breakfast at each entrance.

Students will proceed directly to their first block assigned classroom.

Teachers will take the temperature and record temp. for each student once they are seated.

COVID screening questions will be posted in each classroom for students to self-screen.

Five minutes will be added to Block 1/Flex to accommodate screening procedures. The additional five minutes will be taken from the high school flex period.

Lockers and locker rooms

Hallway lockers and locker rooms will not be used at any time.

Students will be allowed to use backpacks to carry materials.

Building exit

Students will be dismissed by grade level by using one-minute intervals.

Students should exit through the closest door to their last period classroom.

Students should not linger in the hallways and exit the building immediately.

The increased time for a staggered departure will be taken from the flex period.


Hallways will need to be monitored by teachers in between classes for reinforcing masks and social distancing.

Students will be required to wear masks at all times.

Students should not congregate in the hallways at any time during the school day.

Students should always walk on the right hand side of each hallway, walk in a single file, and maintain social distancing at a minimum of 3 feet.

Decals will be placed in the hallways to reinforce the aforementioned guidelines.


A third high school lunch will be added to accommodate social distancing.

Tables will be separated by a minimum of 3 feet and designated as a red or black table.

The red or black designation will allow for separation of tables by every other table.

Table colors will be designated by our new cafeteria chairs. (red and black).

Each lunch will be designated as a red or black lunch.

Students will have assigned seating from their third block class for high school and advisory from middle school and sit at every other table.

Tables not being used during the lunch period will be sanitized before the next group usage.

Social-distancing tape will be placed on the cafeteria floor at a minimum of 3 feet.

Four-way sneeze guards will be used on the top of each table.

Masks will be required in the cafeteria at all times, except when seated at their assigned table while eating.

Students will not be allowed to leave the cafeteria during lunch periods.

Students will be released from lunch by classroom.

Custodians will clean tables in between lunches.

Lunch schedule

10:45 to 11:07 a.m., Middle school lunch (sixth grade and half of seventh grade).

11:12 to 11:34 a.m., Middle school lunch (eighth grade and half of seventh grade).

11:39 a.m. to 12:03 p.m., First High school lunch.

12:06 to 12:28 p.m., Second high school lunch.

12:33 to 12:55 p.m., Third high school lunch.


Students should use the bathroom closest to their classroom space.

Students should not congregate in the bathrooms or outside of the bathrooms.

Bathrooms will need to be monitored between classes.

Middle school cohorts

A schedule will be designed to minimize the number of times that students change classrooms during the school day.

Middle school Chromebooks

Students will take home their Chromebook on day one of school.

Mini Mounties

Mini Mounties will continue to use the new exit in the rear of the building for entry/departure.

Travel within the school, other than the classroom space and play area, will be eliminated.

Drop off/pickup

Drop off/pickup will remain the same as designed last year.

Parents will be made aware of entry times and schedule.

Parents will be encouraged to drop off students at designated times for entry.

Students will be asked to exit the property immediately after departing the building.

Cleaning classrooms between classes

Middle school: Students will remain in the same classroom as much as possible. Desks/tables will be cleaned anytime there is a transition of cohorts.

High school: All desks will be cleaned during every transition of cohorts.

Doors should be kept open as much as possible to avoid doorknob usage.

Teachers will spray desks as students are exiting the room and students will wipe down tables/desks with paper towels when they enter the classroom.

Floaters planning spaces

When floaters are in the staff room, other staff members need to ‘stay away.’

Masks must be worn at all times.

Floater room (staff room) is only to be used for copying, not congregating or eating lunch.

Strong recommendation that teachers use the copier in the library or the main office.

Strong recommendation that teachers stay in their original classroom during planning periods, while floaters teach in their classroom.


Students will stay in their flex room on Tuesday through Thursday.

Friday can be used as extra help during office hours.

Temperature checks

Temperatures will be taken twice daily.

Students will be checked upon entry to their first block/flex class.

Students' temperatures will be taken again at the end of high school flex and during middle school advisory.

Assigned seating

Strict assigned seating will take place in each classroom and the cafeteria.

High school Block 3 teachers will assign seats for the cafeteria.

Middle school advisory teachers will assign seats for the cafeteria.

Emergency drills

Drills will follow guidelines from the state and Homeland Security.

Emergency team will design the format and schedule events.

Drills will need to be conducted using a staggered approach of smaller cohorts.

Sharing of classroom materials

Students can not share materials (computers, pens, pencils, paper, textbooks, etc.)

In the case where students need to share classroom materials, these items will be sanitized between use.

Sharing of teacher materials

Floating and cooperating teachers need to arrange how things will be organized and/or cleaned.

Floating teachers will be given a space that is isolated for their materials and needs.

After-school programs/co-curricular programs

All programs will function as usual by abiding by all COVID guidelines and requirements.

Paperless operations

All teachers are strongly encouraged to go paperless and will utilize Google classroom for all assignments and classroom work.

Paperless levels the playing field for remote learners.

Paperless decreases the possibility of Covid exposure.

Early/release/late arrival

All high school students will be allowed to have early release/late arrival for study halls Block 1 and 4.

No student will be allowed to drop a class or alter his/her schedule for this purpose.

High school students who have fourth block study hall and third lunch, can leave the building.

This new policy will allow for less people in the building.

The policy will be regularly evaluated as we analyze attendance and student grades.

All students choosing the early release/late arrival option will be required to sign the written parent permission form.

Sixth-grade orientation

Proposal that orientation be scheduled for a full day of regularly scheduled classes on Thursday, Sept. 10, for students only.

Parents will receive all information from this document and 6th grade orientation through a zoom recording.

All materials, including Chromebooks, will be handed out at this time.

Masks will be required at all times.

Ninth-grade orientation

Proposal that orientation be scheduled for a full day of regularly scheduled classes on Tuesday, Sept. 8, for students only.

Parents will receive all information from this document and 9th grade orientation through a zoom recording.

All materials, including Chromebooks, will be handed out at this time.

Masks will be required at all times.

Remote learner material pickup

Proposal for remote learners will pickup materials during the day on Friday, Sept. 11.

Pickup will be staggered by grade levels at one-hour intervals.

Tables will be set up in the hall with student materials (Chromebook, textbooks, etc.).

School-wide Covid Expectations

Signs and other Covid expectations will be produced to place throughout the building and in classrooms.

Remote Teacher Classroom Monitors

Two full-time substitutes are being hired for BMHS.

CTE Schedule

CTE students will be in-person 5 days per week, following their regular schedule.

Students will be allowed to attend CTE classes in-person and complete the rest of their schedule in the remote format. (not recommended due to transportation)

Times and schedules for this model will create a certain amount of flexibility.


All visitors must have a scheduled appointment to enter the building.

Parents picking up or dropping off a student should wait outside of the main entrance.

Parents dropping off materials should place them in the plastic tote outside of the main entrance.

All visitors to the building will need to wear face coverings.

All visitors will be screened before entering the main building with a temperature check and the Covid screening question guidelines.

Classroom Setup

Desks/tables should be arranged for maximum distancing, minimum of 3 feet.

Desks/tables should be arranged so that all students face the same direction.

Fabric covered furniture and/or any classroom items covered in fabric should be removed, excluding teacher desk chairs.

Outside classroom windows should be open when weather permits.

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