Milan Luncheonette and Variety under new ownership

From left, Arlene and Joe Engel, and son Mackenzie, are the new owners of the Milan Luncheonette and Vareity. (RITA DUBE PHOTO)

MILAN — Joe and Arlene Engel, along with their son Mackenzie, are the new owners of AJ’s Milan Luncheonette and Variety Store in Milan Village.

On Sept. 25, 2018, the Engels purchased the property from Mike and Donna Vien of Milan.

The Engels moved from Connecticut five years ago for the quiet and peaceful living of the North Country and for their love of ATV and snowmobile riding.

Since they purchased the property, they have made many changes. They painted and upgraded the dining room, and have a new menu coming out soon.

Joe has tweaked the ovens and is receiving rave reviews for their pizzas. Locals also are raving that the Engels have the best Italian sandwiches around. They use in-house roasted turkey and make their own meatballs. Homemade soups and chili are also a favorite. Friday is "Fish Fry Day," serving fresh fish all day. Beer and wine can also be enjoyed with your meal.

The Engels love the community and have purchased a home on Riverside Drive in Berlin, near the college.

Their near future plans are to have a Saturday night pasta night.

Arlene is of Italian decent and has many recipes she would like to share.

AJ’s Milan Luncheonette and Variety has everything you need, whether you are ‘riding the wilds’ on ATVs or snowmobiles (they are on corridor 19) or just passing through town. The store is open seven days a week, featuring a full menu restaurant, gas, convenience items and take outs. For take out or more information, call (603) 449-6726.

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