BERLIN — Berlin Planning Board reviewed and approved plans for expansion of Capone Steel facilities on Tuesday.

Capone Steel produces steel for the Boston and Portland, Maine, building markets, and the expansion would allow the company to make more steel for its customers. It could also lead to an increase in manufacturing jobs in Berlin.

Eric Grenier of HEB engineering presented the plans for the Capone Steel expansion at the board’s meeting.   

During the site plan review hearing for the proposed expansion, Grenier said that 16,000 feet of manufacturing space would be added to the current facility located in the Berlin Industrial park off the East Milan Road.  

Grenier said that the expansion to the facility would also include 62,000 square feet of gravel storage area.   

The new addition will have a sprinkler fire system, as does the current building, and new lighting over the loading dock doors.  

Grenier said no hazardous materials would be stored or used and that this plan is a continued expansion of the previous expansion three years ago.  

According to the current zoning laws, the amount of parking for vehicles is determined by the square footage of building. If this rule is used, then Capone would need 138 spaces.  

Capone is asking to be released from this requirement as the company believes it only needs 68 new parking spaces — 31 would be paved and in the front of the building, of which three would be handicapped accessible.  

The plan would also need permits from N.H. Department of Environmental Services, including a wetlands permit and alteration of terrain permit.    

During the public comment section of the hearing mayor Paul Grenier asked the planning board to approve the plan as this would allow Capone Steel to increase its ability to serve its customers.

Capone Steel General Manager Steve Kinney was also asked if this expansion would lead to an increase in employment.

He replied, “Yes if we can find qualified applicants, and we would take more now if we can find them.”   

After discussion, the board voted unanimously to approve the plan with the covenants that all local state and federal permits be sought and approved.

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