Grade 9: High Honors: Aimee Bousquet, Aiden Corrigan, Kyle Pike, Carson Roberge, Alec Wydra; Honors: Levi Bernard, William Carder, Adam Devoid, John Micucci, Kanelei O’Connell, Mathew Pickett, Caelen Wade, Isaiah Waninger.

Grade 10: High Honors: Caitlin Beals, Andrew Dale, Halery Desilets, Hannah Fox, Zoe Grondin, Katherine Laflamme, Nathaniel LeBlanc, Teagan Leclerc, Alexander Mayerson, Rigoberto Villa; Honors: Madison Bijeau, Liam Cairns, Sidney Chapman, Dominic DeCilla, Sage Gallant, Jordan Guilmette, Cullen King, SeungNam Montanaro, Cody Pike, Ava Watson, Nolan York.

Grade 11: High Honors: Cheyenne Berube, Madisyn Buteau, Katelyn Chase, Libby Fortin, Justin Frattallone, Jocelyn Paradis, Anastasia Pepin, Nicholas Wade; Honors: Emma Bernier, Wyatt DeBlois, Alecia Lizotte, Jordan Lukaszewski, Isobel Micucci, Christopher Pickett, Bryanna Poirier.

Grade 12: High Honors: Noor Akhter, Noah Fortin, Joshua Godin, Olivia Halle, Madison Rivard, Anna Roberge, Amira Robertson; Honors: Benjamin Beals, Emma Briggs, Karly Cordwell, Trevor Doherty, Aidan Fox, Benjamin Harmon, Ajay Landry, Sydney Leclerc, Emma Stephenson, Ella Watson

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