A mutual co-existence is or perhaps should have been completely feasible for all. There really doesn’t need to be a “townspeople vs. you people” stance on any of this. A few bad rental homes that have not properly vetted their guests and appropriately set expectations for being good neigh…


There is an extrapolation that all occupants of short term rentals are bad, rowdy and cause disturbances. This simply isn’t the case, and better regulation of repeat offenders would have been a viable compromise for all.

Most vacation rental occupants (or winter seasonal renters tha…


I am proud to say, that I have operated a short term rental in North Conway for more than six years. Through this endeavor, I have befriended and fortunately employed cleaners, maintenance contractors, lawn care and snow removal companies, all of which could now potentially be without tha…


This is a very interesting decision given the likelihood that a just few bad apples may be spoiling the batch for short term rentals in Conway. The potential shut down of short term rentals likely triggers significant adverse impacts on the local economy: fewer people employed due to no c…

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